Flower Friday: Fall Bouquet Recipe


Its our favorite Friday of the month! Recipe day! Kim with Petal Pixie joins us for a look at a very fall bouquet, perfectly suited for this mid fall weekend! Thanks to our in house photog Lindsey Orton for always shooting all our recipes!

I love fall, it is my favorite season.  I love the changing of the colors and more important the variety of texture that comes with the season.  This year I received multiple inquiries regarding non floral bouquets.  Bouquets that have a wild hand picked feel to them full of texture and interesting elements.  I feel like fall is the perfect time to showcase how great a non floral bouquet can look.  

In the fall you have an endless supply of amazing foliage that is naturally changing colors. Along with a variety of berries, gourds, and ornamental vegetables like mini pumpkins and peppers.   

For this bouquet I used some of my favorite fall elements consisting of berries, oak leaves, and cat tails.  I kept the bouquet style natural and let the oak leaves determine the overall shape of the bouquet.  I added in a touch of color and texture with the red berries.  I tied the bouquet off with a green muslin ribbon with frayed edges to keep with the overall organic feel. 




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