Flower Friday: Floral Consultation

Happy Friday! Today we wanted to bring you information, from one of our amazing 5 florists here on UBB, on floral consultations, it is after all “booking” season and great floral articles are always among our readers favorites! Kelli with Blooms & Blossoms lends us some great advice on what to know, bring, and expect when you meet with a florist about your wedding!

A floral designer can provide you with so much more than just floral arrangements. A floral designer can help you create the overall feel and look of your wedding. Consultations should be looked at as a job interview (hopefully a really fun one!).  You are looking to hire a professional that will help make your wedding everything you’ve ever dreamed of (and more)! I have come up with a list of thoughts, advice and questions that will be helpful when you are searching for and meeting with potential florists.

Search for florists who fit your style and who can achieve the look you desire for your wedding day. There are plenty of great florists but you want to make sure your florist can design exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you are looking for a very structured style you want to make sure your florist can achieve that look. With websites, blogs and social media it’s super easy to see the different styles of each florist before meeting with them.

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Search for florists who fit within your allotted budget. There’s a huge variety of flowers to choose from and the prices vary depending on your selections. If your florist knows your budget, he/she can help you pick out flowers that you love, flowers that are in season and fit within your budget. Your florist can also help you decide what arrangements are important for your event and where you can best spend your money.  Great floral designers want your event to be just as beautiful as you do, so it’s good to be open with them and let them lead you in the right direction. Let’s be honest… I haven’t met a bride who isn’t extremely busy!  By not giving your florist a budget to work with, it could cost you a lot more time (and time is precious when planning your big event). I do realize there are brides who don’t have budgets, and there are brides who are not even sure what to budget for flowers. Floral designers can help with this as well, so again, just be open with your florist and let them help you!


Come prepared! As I said before, this is similar to a job interview. If you know your style come prepared with ideas, pictures, color swatches, etc. It’s important to ask your florist what services he/she provides (do they deliver, do they set up and do they clean up?). Give your florist as much information as you can. If your only inspiration is, for example, a painting you love, show that painting to your florist. I personally think it’s important to see a bride’s dress when coming up with a design for the bouquet. The dress a bride chooses says a lot about her style and the look she is trying to achieve. You want your flowers to compliment your look, not compete with it. So, come prepared with pictures of your dress and bridesmaids dresses (if you have them picked out at that time).

And last but not least, review the contract with your florist. Make sure you understand the contract and make sure to ask questions if you don’t. A contract should tell you about the deposits, payments, refund policies and more.

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