Flower Friday: Floral Styling W/Flower Afternoon

Today we have a lush rich arrangement that sets us into late summer and almost a tip into fall! It comes from Val @ Flower Afternoon and was photographed by Jessica Kettle. Flowers are a primary element in wedding design and styling, and more often than not among the most favorite details of a big day! Today Val shares with us her thoughts on floral styling and design cohesiveness throughout your event!

Aesthetics are an important thing to consider when pulling together different design elements to carry out the vision you have for your wedding. It can be quite the task, when you’re styling your own wedding, to have each piece harmonize as to not feel that you are attending two separate weddings.

Inspired by Morocco and India, I have gathered a few textures, colors and textiles that pull from these cultures, which I feel complement one another and could altogether be your wedding inspiration board for a table-scape. Dark reds, amber and sage are colors that span the seasons. Using them as a base, I’ve designed a late summer centerpiece with small accents of oranges and summer greens. For a fall wedding, I’d swap the summer greens for deeper bronze shades. Winter weddings could call for additions of evergreens and touches of white. Adding lush pink blooms could bring the colors of spring to the arrangement.

It goes without saying that weddings should be unified in their styling. Be consistent with colors starting with your invitations and on through your wedding day florals, linens and in the small details like escort displays and favors. Another detail to note in the styling of your day is the container used for your flowers. This footed compote, combined with sleek gold flatware would be perfect for an elegant dinner celebration. It would feel equally at home in a casual, back-yard affair paired with bronze finishes and votives.

In the first stages of designing a tablescape, I search for inspirations that complement each other, rather than trying to adhere to a specific theme. How you choose to incorporate different textures and colors inspired by a place, era, or culture is up for interpretation; and offers variety when you stay away from an in-the-box theme. The end result will be something truly unique to your vision.