Flower Friday: Flower Wall with Studio Stems


We are so excited to have Audrey from Studio Stems with us for a look at how she created this gorgeous flower wall for her client’s wedding last weekend, it is the perfect garden backdrop for a ceremony or reception line and a versatile piece of wedding decor! She is getting some serious love from just her IG posts so we already know you brides are gonna eat this right up! Thanks to Lindsey Orton for stopping by to capture this beauty in the rain!

wall3wall1wall4When my client Lauren showed me some inspiration images for a floral wall that she hoped would set the scene for her ceremony and be a major player in her reception decor I knew this was gonna be a great one! We carefully considered design and bloom selection as we addressed all the needs that encompassed this focal piece. Not every bride can go this big so I eagerly anticipated the arrival of her wedding day so we could construct this beauty of a backdrop!

While a floral wall can be a large expense if played right it can also be well worth the costs. A garden or backyard wedding is a good fit but so is an indoor setting when you need to bring a little bit of the outdoors in! This particular wall is moss covered, an option that is more cost effective than a foliage base and still sets a pretty green base to bounce colorful floral off of. We used hydrangea because they have large heads and take up more space, large Ecuadorian roses, and carnations for pops of color and fill in. We also used gold curly willow branches to add texture and interest. This particular design began in opposing corners and flanked out and into the center but there are multiple options to consider when designing the perfect floral wall backdrop! 

Shoot us an email at info@studiostems.com to inquire about a flower wall for your big day!