Flower Friday: Fresh Hair Floral

Bridal halos and fresh blooms are trumping the veil option for many brides these days and we are loving this look right now! The play on color is so feminine and compliments hair, makeup, and skin so well. Today we have a few bridal looks for you, with fresh floral in the hair,  as well as tips and advice from the florist herself on how to make fresh blooms up there on your noggin last!

amber weimer flower hairpiece shoot_07hairp3

Wearing fresh flowers in our hair is something we’ve done since we were 3 years old picking dandelions from the front lawn and tucking them behind our ear, but nowadays, if we want to accessorize with some beautiful blooms, we need to know a couple tricks to keep them looking beautiful all day long.

Always keep in mind that once a flower is cut and has no water source, the clock begins to tick.  If you’re wanting a beautiful headpiece for your wedding day, make sure you finish all the hairspray squirts before pining in your blooms.  The alcohol in hairspray is meant to help the liquid to evaporate and dry, and will also do this to your flowers if they’re caught in the line of fire.  Another idea for helping them to last, is to leave them until very last before walking down the aisle so they can be in water as long as possible.  Try removing your blooms after the ceremony and giving them a nice drink of water again until your reception begins.  If you can find a refrigerator for them to chill out in, that’s even better.  Once you’re on display again, have them pinned back in and they’ll be perky and rehydrated

amber weimer flower hairpiece shoot_04


hairp1amber weimer flower hairpiece shoot_01

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  1. Beautiful work & excellent tips Janae! I love the photos Amber. Whoever had the idea for the bride to wear that, it was genius-mimicks a wedding dress with the white but showcases your subject much better than an actual wedding gown. Excellent!

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