Flower Friday: It's All In The Vessel

Today we digging into our archives for a second look at one of our favorite flower Friday posts from 2011. It was all about the vessel, you know …. where the goods, oh I mean flowers, are housed!

We know that DIY feel is very appealing to lots of you ladies out there, a crafty project is fun and rewarding, thrifty or not! So today we thought we would showcase some options in way of re-purposed or up-cycled items to create darling and fun vessels for your floral needs. After all when it comes to flowers they are all in the vessel!


There is still some sturdy useful packaging around on several products like soup and formula cans, and a plethora of liquid products in bottles that have crafty potential. we have come across a good amount of well done “up-cycling” thanks to sites like pinterest. We found this more than lovely array of small floral arrangements in re-purposed soup cans! We know that there are some of us out there that like paper about as much as some women like shoes! But what to do with that pretty paper?? Well here is yet another useful and creative option.


Some re-purposed vessels require no manipulation other then the housing of some water and blooms, like these test tubes from a science lab. A beautiful example of utilizing something personalized for your blooms. There are certainly many items that could house a bloom or two that have seemingly nothing to do with flowers but something to do with you personally as a couple! Apple votives for a teacher, boot vases for avid hikers are both examples of this concept. The idea is to think creatively and outside of the box.

Painted bottles are all the rage when it comes to manipulating and utilizing what is around the house. Be it gold to fancy something up, white to mimic milk glass, or a bright fun color to bring in a challenging tone in your color scheme. Either way this simplistic method can create lovely vessels that in turn create a lovely ensemble.


Manipulating your own vessels is a creative way to be involved and hands on when it comes to your wedding design and it allows you to really customize your look. It obviously aesthetically appeals to a more DIY bride but can be upgraded when clever thought is conducted. Many florists are happy to work with a vessel provided by a client and like to work with elements that are not in their usual inventory, they are also a great resource for a creative mind to help you come up with some clever vessel ideas.

Image credits: Kojo Designs . Martha Stewart . World in a Paper Cup . Apartment Therapy