Flower Friday: Keeping Your Bouquet Fresh In The Heat

It seems like the heat turned on pretty fast this year and summer is practically upon us! Many of your brides are getting geared up from summer weddings and in doing so may have some specific needs created by the summer heat. One of those needs might just be keeping that all important floral piece, {your bouquet} looking fresh and lovely! So we asked our resident florists to send a tip or two in on this topic.

tiff3  Image Courtesy of Alixann Loosle – Bouquet by Blossom Sweet

Melissa with Blossom Sweet: This tip is more for a florist than a bride, but I buy Crowning Glory floral preservative spray by the gallon during the summer.  It’s a liquid preservative sprayed directly on the blooms themselves which helps the petals retain moisture even in a climate of dry heat.  I give my bouquets a good dose a few minutes before sending them off, and it seems to help quite a bit.

This should hopefully be painfully obvious to any bride, but please put your bouquet in water when you’re not holding it!  While it should be common sense, I have attended many a wedding where I see the bride’s bouquet laying on the ground or on a table somewhere in between the times when she’s holding it.  This cuts down the life of your bouquet drastically.

studio stemsImage Courtesy of Hilary Briscoe Photography & Studio Stems

Audrey with Studio Stems: Many highly sought after bridal blooms cant take the heat! So if your a summer bride and longevity is an issue you may want to talk with your florist about a bouquet re-fresh. Though this is an additional cost it should not cost as much as adding another bouquet onto the day, but rather just refreshes up the less hardy blooms and gives your bouquet a fresh look heading into the reception. 

Also if you have a bit of time lapse between ceremony and reception, or pictures to reception and you are careful to get your bouquet into water consider a quick snip of the stems to help them re-hydrate more quickly and properly for a more likely revival. 

And my last bit of of advice entails being realistic and reasonable as a bride. It is true that you may have had a bouquet in mind for sometime now, and that bouquet made of …. lets say … Lily of the Valley, is not going to do well in the summer heat. So be ready to pay for multiple bouquets or be realistic and allow your florist to help you determine a more hardy fit! It will still be beautiful! 


Left photo courtesy of Cascio Photo, right photo courtesy of Rebekah Westover
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