Flower Friday: Meet Studio Stems

Today we continue our meet the 2012 preferred florists series with Audrey of Studio Stems. This seasoned florist has been around for a good long time, she is highly published in both national and local publications and is one involved lady when it comes to UBB {wink!}. Enjoy getting to know her & Studio Stems!

What brought you into a floral design career? I have loved anything and everything design since I was very young, I also have an interior design background and have dabbled in many design formats along my journey. Not long after I began my “adult” life I felt very pulled to the floral design corner of the industry. I have always highly valued education so I set out on a journey to acquire as much education in the field as possible, including a job at a wholesaler where I learned a great deal about flowers and their care. Then when I felt ready I dove into entrepreneurship and started my own floral design company.

What inspires you and where do you find inspiration when it is lacking? I am actually very inspired by music! I have a plethora of Pandora stations, ipod lists, and cd’s for every mood. Music is almost always on in my studio and when I need to feel a certain way in order to tap into a certain skill or aesthetic I know what musicians to turn to that inspire me. Naturally, like many other florists, I am also inspired by nature and the natural shapes, textures, and wonders of blooms and earthy elements. In addition to that, I am very inspired by the talented artists around me, both in my circle and out.

What do you love most about wedding floral design? Absence makes the heart grow fonder, it really does! I recently took a hiatus when I had a baby and it was the longest break I have taken in about 8 years. I realized that my craft feeds my soul. So I suppose part of what I love is that brides offer me that creative food when they hire me, without them there is not a consistent surge of floral opportunity. Also, it is quiet a privilege to be part of a day so special to each of my clients and that really brings it’s own rewards. Weddings are just a beautiful thing in general.

If you could give bride’s one piece of advice in regards to wedding florals what would it be? This is going to sound obvious but I am sincere rather than cliche in this, hire a professional, and even further than that, select a florist that specializes in event and wedding design. Dont opt out for a crafty friend, neighbor, relative, or other source.  And heavens do not do it yourself! That is not what you want to be doing on your wedding day! Amazing floral design can really truly make or break the aesthetic of a wedding and in some cases can also either make or break the day!

Tell us a little bit about yourself …. Well if you have not already figured this out, I also am one of the owners/editors of UBB. But the most substantial thing I suppose would be that I am a mom! I recently was quoted “If anyone in this family is a super hero, it is me … mom!” and I believe that to be true, arrogant as it might sound. I have 4 gorgeous kids who all look like their dad. One of them has Spina Bifida which means I live a special needs lifestyle as well.  I have been married to my best friend for 14 years and still cant get enough of the lad. I have lived most of my life in only two places, Utah & California. And in addition to my obvious interests I love to snowboard, read, and vacation in any nugget of spare time dedicated to me alone.

What would you call your own floral style and why? I think embracing a style is actually a creative hurdle! Sometimes as a budding artist or an evolving one, style can be hard to identify and often times when it is identified it can be hard to embrace. But what I know is this: my style is most typically traditional, with an allowance for a little bit of flair or spin off in a few other style directions but usually does not stray too far from the traditional root.

What is your favorite up and coming trend? I love big multi-petaled blooms, so I am excited to be working a lot more in the coming year with my own favorite blooms as they are making a stand in the regal look and aesthetic that is overcoming the wedding industry.


Image credits: Kayleen T . Ashlee Raubach . Dustin Izatt . Brit Chudleigh . Izlas . Vanessa Millecam . Kate Osborne.


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