Flower Friday: Midsummer Flora

It’s hard to believe how quickly the summer is moving by, but we are enjoying every minute of it and certainly a good deal of weddings too! Today we have some midsummer flora inspiration to share with you! Thanks to Erika Eddington and a few other local talents for orchestrating such beauty. Erika joins us with some floral insight that is most certainly inspiring!

As a florist, I’ve always been enamored by myths involving forest deity. Greek mythology gives us Antheia, the goddess of flowers and flower wreaths. As well as the Anthousai, flower nymphs. Hinduism has Aranyani, an elusive, wandering forest goddess. Every culture has myths of wood goddesses and flower nymphs.

Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers. Her name is derived from the latin “Flos”, meaning flowers. She is also the embodiment of fertility and the renewal of the cycle of life. Crowned in flowers, Flora awakens from her winter sleep to bring springtime to the world. For the Romans, this time of rebirth was celebrated with feasts, festivals and countless works of art, one example from the poet Ovid:  “The Goddess comes, crowned with garlands of a thousand flowers.”

Along with her sister, Fauna, Flora’s name has survived as the word we use today to describe all plantlife.

Flowers used: Artichokes, Sweet Berry Roses, Gomphrena, Scabiosa, Sword Fern, Plum Leaves, Buddleia, Dusty Miller, Statice, Kiwi Vine, Queen Anne’s Lace, Astilbe