Flower Friday: Pink Is This Weekends Color

Today we have a gorgeous bit of wedding flowers to show you from one of our favorites, Blossom Sweet. Its pink, and feminine, and lovely, and just the caliber of bloom creativity and quality that Melissa continues to produce. It’s also the perfect day to feature this pink array of bliss, tomorrow is Race for the Cure here in Utah and is a fantastic way for us to honor those fighting breast cancer! Melissa even shares with us a bit of her own connection to breast cancer along with blooms specifics, so thanks Melissa for sharing this gorgeous wedding with us, and this one goes up in honor of all the women in our lives, especially those fighting for their lives!

I’m so excited to share this wedding with you today. Tomorrow is the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City, so I thought it was only fitting that today’s flower feature should be as pink as possible. A very dear woman in my life is courageously fighting the cancer fight as we speak, so before I get into the petal particulars today I wanted to give a shout out to all of you brave women out there like her! I have so much respect for you and dedicate today’s post to you, yours, and mine.

And now it’s time to talk flowers and pink. This wedding took place last August and I just adored the designs. Wadley Farms is an excellent venue with a neutral palette that works well for so many various events, and there’s something about a feminine color scheme that really softens the place up and makes a romantic ambiance for a wedding. The bride’s bouquet and the boutonnieres for the bridal party fit right in to that atmosphere with their soft and romantic vibe. Ah, how I loved them. In looking at the finished products the designs seemed to be so carefree and lovely. It was perfect for the setting.

And speaking of perfect, I’m crazy about these fresh wreaths. In fact, I’m crazy about fresh wreaths in general. If every bride had me create a custom wreath for her wedding (or two, or three) I would be a happy camper! These ones in particular made for a most picturesque greeting as guests arrived at the reception. The hanging amaranthus—along with the draping ribbon, lace, and pearls—really brought the look together in a purely wonderful fashion. Adore!

In addition to the wreaths we also had free-standing shepherd’s hooks lining the entry-path from which we hung cute little floral arrangements in jars. Once again, we accented the look with draping element to coincide with the rest of the décor. The outdoor tables were adorned in eclectic bud vases with various blooms while the indoor tables had more substantial centerpieces which were a low & full design style. The cake was a small one, but who says that’s a bad thing? While it was not grandiose in size, the simple beauty made it a must-see at the event. Loved it. Loved it all.