Flower Friday Recipe: Centerpiece With Tinge Floral

You may remember last weeks flower Friday post where we introduced to you a new addition to our preferred florist listings, Tinge Floral. We are so excited to have Ashley back today sharing a recipe with us to kick of the 2014 flower recipe series! Its one beautiful centerpiece!

tinge_january-0006This arrangement really is a tribute to my favorite flower, ranunculus. There is something about the layers of petals and their softness that really draws me to them. I love how no two are alike. The single black dahlia helps give depth to the arrangement and the roses add fullness. Two of my favorites are used here, the champagne and spray mojelika. They both have a hint of blush to them with yellow centers when they are really blown out as pictured. 


Most of the flowers in this arrangement were a few days old, and this is when they are my favorite to work with! They look so garden like and full, and they help lend to that lush feel I love so much. 

For me, as soon as December is over I’m ready to be on to the next season. Fortunately, lot’s of spring blooms are available in January and as for ranunculus it’s their peak season! The anemones are in the same family as ranunculus and they are also wonderful this time of year. The anemones, privet berry and acacia foliage help bring that wintery feel back to the arrangement but also pair beautifully with the spring blossoms, the ranunculus, euphorbia, and tulips. It’s like a beautiful marriage of two seasons blended together. 




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