Flower Friday Recipe: Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Today is our Flower Friday Recipe and we have some gorgeous spring blooms created by Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers to share with you! These florals make us so excited for spring!
Gorgeous photography by Lindsey Orton!FebruaryUBB-0002
To me this color palette represents early spring perfectly. Signs of spring are coming, but everything outside is still a bit gray.  There is lots of color here, but their tones are still a bit subdued and muddy. The earthy hues here in the purple and dirty pinks are great to use in these late winter months to nod at the season that is coming, but not get too out of hand with the bright colors color when its still arguably winter.FebruaryUBB-0008 FebruaryUBB-0015
Spring blooms are some of my very favorite because they all have such intricate shapes.  The sweet pea and hellebores for example are so small and delicate, but have such beautiful characteristics in their tiny petals. I love the way all of these smaller blooms make a really textural arrangement that can spill over the edges of the container and also look really light. Throw come candlesticks with this centerpiece for your romantic spring wedding and you’re done!FebruaryUBB-0022 FebruaryUBB-0020
Flower Recipe: Parrot tulip, sweet pea, lilac, amnesia rose, hellebore, jasmine vine, sweet pea, poppy, quicksand rose, daffodil, sweet pea

(at top) heuchera leaf, ranunculus