Flower Friday Recipe With Honey of a Thousand Flowers

TGIF! Many weddings are happening this weekend, August is one of the busiest wedding months in Utah and the bridal beauty is abundant, congrats to all you brides saying ‘I do” this weekend! Amazing floral work is also being created and today we showcase another gorgeous recipe for you from one of our fab five florists, Sarah Winward! Sarah is well known for her organically grounded pieces that feel full, lush, and one of a kind! She created a larger arrangement for us, something you brides might use as a focal piece to greet your guests or in a stand out place rather than say a centerpiece at a guest table. We think this piece is a perfect cross over summer to fall, perfectly suited for the end of summer! It contains simple ingredients but doesn’t feel simple in texture! Big thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography for shooting our recipes!