Flower Friday: Recipe With Petal Pixie

TGIF! It’s that Friday, the one we look forward to every other Friday of the month! Love love love recipe Friday. So simple and so lovely, gives our readers some insight into what our fabulous florists do! Today we have a bouquet from kim @ Petal Pixie and her insight into its style and construction!



“I wanted to create something that had a nice wildflower feel to it.  I guess you could call it weedy looking.  I chose the color pallet of yellow, purples, and peach.  I wanted to show that you could use the peach color with something other than pink.  I used sunflowers, stock, and tulips as my main flowers.  I then accented with lavender, gomphrena, billy balls, and eucalyptus.  The gomphrena was by far my favorite flower in the bouquet.  It was a first for me using it and I love how it adds a whimsical feel to the design. This bouquet would be perfect for a summer or fall bride getting married in the mountains that wants a wildflower, handpicked feel to her flowers.”  
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