Flower Friday: Tinge Floral

If your a long time follower of UBB you might remember some our flower Friday florist features from the past few years. These were Friday post focused on introducing to you our amazing florists who hold that preferred vendor title here on UBB. Those have been fun features for us to share with you, so if your a new reader or follower take a journey back into our archives … especially if your in need of a florist! Many of our florists have been with us for a few years so this year we decided to go a different route, today we are sharing a feature with you on Tinge Floral, a new florist on our preferred list who deserves a focused feature because the talent here is amaze and she is new to UBB, down the road you will get to the see works of the other florists and posts about them in a slightly different style than in the past.

We are thrilled to have Ashley from Tinge

on today, she is one talented lady oozing style and natural ability out of her very being! Quick to emerge onto the scene this one gained popularity fast and for good reason! She shares with us some of her favorite works and some words about Tinge Floral.

anemone-tingeI always felt the need to be doing something creative but was having a difficult time figuring out what that was. I had always dabbled in different creative industries but I sort of just felt like a jack of all trades, kind of good at things, but not excellent at any one thing. 

I worked at a flower shop in high school and learned there how to handle flowers, how to care for them. This is where my appreciation for them started, but I never thought it would materialize into anything. After a few years of helping a dear friend with her business, I just felt inclined to do it on my own. Since making the decision, I couldn’t be happier. When I decided it was what I wanted to do everything just took it’s course, I didn’t feel like I had to force anything and because I had been thinking about it for awhile, I knew early on what I wanted Tinge to be. I’m glad I faced my fears and decided to put myself out there. 

bittersweetvineI started Tinge in November of 2012. I had my very first shoot featured here on Utah Bride Blog with Jessica Kettle and the year continued to be amazing. I feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate to have had such a wonderful year and I attribute so much of that success to the talented people I have collaborated with and the great people who have supported me along the way. 

pee-gee-tingeTinge_floral_AUGUST_ciara_richardson_19peony-tingeThere are plenty of incredible florists out there, so many that I admire both locally and internationally. I think what sets Tinge apart is the composition of flowers, the overall use of color and color tones, and my love for big blooms. I like the natural wild aesthetic, but I like a sense of refinement as well. People often describe my style and luscious, wild and whimsical. I love styling as well and helping clients with their overall vision, expanding from just the flowers a bit. I’d love to move into styling and helping brides with their vision in the future! I definitely couldn’t be a wedding planner, I admire those that can do it! But I do think styling is definitely a direction I’d love to go as Tinge takes it’s time to grow. 


Ashley, thanks for joining us today even in the midst a very busy week for you! We are so thrilled to have you among our preferred florist here on UBB!

Have a great weekend UBB followers, and look for a beautiful Flower Friday Recipe from Ashley later this month!


  1. RJ Carbone says:

    I just love the over-sized loose fitting headpiece in the last shot. It looks perfect on top of the model’s head, organic and refined, it’s just the right touch. Great pictures!

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