Flower Friday: Wow Factor with Blossom Sweet


We continue our flower Friday series with this GORGEOUS focal piece from Melissa at Blossom Sweet! Its a great post full of fantastic floral insight! Take it away Melissa!

Hi there, Melissa at Blossom Sweet.  I am excited to share this arrangement with you today!  There are a few points I’d like to address in today’s post:

First, this particular piece is quite a large-scale design, so it would work well in a focal piece setting rather than for a centerpiece concept (ex: buffet, escort card table, entryway piece, etc).  I always recommend to my clients to incorporate at least one over-sized piece at their events if their budgets allow.  These types of pieces are the showstoppers that really bump up the “wow factor” of a wedding and get people talking–sometimes for months after your event!

4F8A8431 4F8A8433 Next, it’s fun to use unique containers as the vessels for focal pieces.  Everyone can have a big glass vase (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but not many people can say they had a huge arrangement in a one-of-a-kind driftwood bowl like we have pictured here today.  It really takes the design to a next-level kind of place.  Be sure to ask your florist what options and ideas they have.  Most of us who have been around the block have a bunch of unique individual pieces in our inventory to pull from that will make a big difference aesthetically.4F8A8479 4F8A8480 4F8A8490


Last but not least, I want to talk about color schemes.  I’ve written loads of posts for Utah Bride Blog over the years, and I feel that color is a consistent mantra of mine.  After all, as a florist it’s my job to provide killer color combos to coordinate with your design concept and really bring it to life!  The bulk of today’s piece was created using bubblegum pinks, springy greens, and some pinky-purple tones.  This combo in and of itself was VERY pretty, but when I pulled some hellebores from my own garden in burgundy and plum tones it changed what was already a beautiful arrangement into an absolutely unforgettable one.  A relatively small addition but we’re talking HUGE transformation!  In consultations I am known to often steer my brides into a superior color concept, and I’m so grateful for the trust they place in me to do so.  I’ve never gotten any complaints!  So put some faith in your florist and see what they suggest when it comes to your colors.  You’ll be surprised (in the best way) where that faith will take you and your wedding.

Flowers used in design: Hydrangea, pon pon ranunculus, jasmine vine, heather, hellebores, and moss.


Thanks Melissa – always a charming read and never anything less than floral perfection! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography.