Flower Recipe Friday: A Winter Bouquet With Studio Stems

IMG_5771Its our favorite Friday of the month! Recipe day! Today Studio Stems joins us with a look at a very unique winter bouquet! We especially love those Amnesia roses, they wont be forgotten anytime soon! Thanks to our in house photog Lindsey Orton as always! And we hope you have a very merry and bright weekend preparing for the holidays!

studio stems UBB recipeHey there UBB fans! I am excited to share this unique winter bouquet with you today! Being the recipe florist in December threw a little trick at me, many of us florists often coincide our recipe day with an event or other production we are working on but December is filled with mostly holiday themed weddings or events, and while they are beautiful and it would have been festive, I know UBB readers paying close attention right now are actually not planning holiday I-Do’s. But they may still be working on floral for their upcoming winter weddings! 

Utah’s changing seasons have so much to offer, and while it is the norm for most brides to desire a warmer weather big day still many brides elect to celebrate in the beauty of the snow! After all … it is the best snow on earth! So I wanted to pull together just a few simple elements to show you how specific ingredients pull towards a winter mood and still can be unique and beautiful, specific to the season, and outside of the holidays. 

SSrecipe1As you can see I only used 5 elements to create this bouquet. The core focal bloom for this bouquet was the “Amnesia” rose, an extraordinarily unique rose with multiple tones that have a chameleon effect. These roses can read differently based on what they are paired with and their muted tones make them perfect for winter arrangements. Subtle matte color makes winter sense. I paired some Privett berries, pulling out the purple/blue tones in the rose, and some green Solidaster to pull out some green tones in the rose. Adding in just a touch of winter foliage with the use of dusty miller, an all year fav for many brides, and a unique touch with the use of some natural cotton branch which almost mimics some soft fluffy snow. 

This bouquet requires a unique taste and also is one that sort of grows on you like an avant garde piece of art. It was fun to play with something not in production already in the studio and work on something that especially reads winter! Thanks UBB! 

IMG_5791 IMG_5813

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