Flower Recipe Friday: Blossom Sweet

The cycle has come back around and our favorite Friday of the month has re-emerged! Recipe day! We have Melissa with Blossom Sweet joining us with a look at some rose heavy arrangements. We ourselves love the classic timeless-ness of a beautiful rose and enjoy their versatility and availability in so many colors and tones! Photographs by Lindsey Orton

4F8A8835Ah, spring!  This is the time of year that is a flower-lover’s dream.  We recently did florals for a spring wedding that was feminine and soft all-around.  It was beautiful and perfect for the season.  To achieve the romantic look the bride was going for we used full, delicate blooms like hydrangea, peonies, ranunculus and seven varieties of roses. 

4F8A8839blossomsweetWhy so many rose varieties, you ask?  Well, as a florist I can tell you that each rose has a very distinctive personality.  The way a rose opens is to me just as important as the color–two roses being the exact same tone does not make them the same rose in my book!  Although the rose tones were somewhat similar one to the next, the various blooming behaviors of the different varieties is really what made them work so well together.  It was a team effort.


The containers we used for most of the centerpieces were these gorgeous gold bowls with pedestal legs.  I LOVED them.  They made such a statement at the event.  For the bride’s bouquet we used a more compact design style with minimal foliage.  Those of you who follow our work know that typically our bouquets have more of an air of wispiness, but for this bouquet traditional symmetry was the name of the game.  We finished the bouquet with a cream satin wrap and a champagne lace overlay.  It was lovely.

4F8A8924Rose Varieties: Emily . Geraldine . Pink Avalanche . Caramel . White O’Hara . Chablis . Juliette

4F8A8918Accent Blooms: Ranunculus . Stock . Tulip . Football Mum . Peony . Lisianthus

4F8A8907Foliage: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus . Flowering Branch . Dusty Miller . Amaranthus