Flower Recipe Friday: Blossom Sweet

It’s our favorite Friday of the month! As professionals we are all in the thick of wedding season right now and some beautiful ones are being produced daily, including a good many from one of our favorite florists, Blossom Sweet. Melissa joins us today to share some insight and recipes behind one of her recent weddings. A big shout out to Lindsey Orton for always photographing our recipe’s with all our amazing florists!


We heart flower recipe posts!  It’s so fun to participate. The designs featured in today’s post are a few of the items we created for one of our client’s weddings last weekend.  It was an absolutely perfect day for a Utah wedding, made only more gorgeous by the details the bride had hired respected professionals to create for her.  

THE CENTERPIECES: We were admittedly a little infatuated with these centerpieces.  They weren’t extravagant or over-the-top, but they were big-time beautiful.  The bulk of the centerpieces came from some jumbo white hydrangea that was stunning.  Tucked into the hydrangea were four types of roses, both standard and garden varieties.  The rest of the elements are what made these arrangements wispy, abundant, and free–so very appropriate for the mountain setting where they were displayed.  Of those wispy elements the queen anne’s lace was my favorite part.  We LOVE using queen anne’s lace because it is romantic and feminine, and it provides the most stunning lines in an arrangement. 


blossomsweet7blossomsweet2THE BOUQUET: The bouquet made a perfect companion for the bride (well, of course in addition to the brand new husband she had by her side).  It was more compact than were the centerpieces yet still had a slight punch of whimsy.  We loved the colors in this, loved the textures, loved the shape, loved it.



blossomsweet11SPECIAL TOUCHES: It’s the special touches that really make or break a design sometimes.  The special touches in this wedding were the bouquet wrapped in dove gray satin with a shapely lace overlay and pearl pins, as well as the mercury glass containers for the centerpieces.  The containers took the centerpieces to another level!  Finally, we were big fans of the navy-airbrushed seeded eucalyptus used in the designs. It took a lot of time and effort to get that element looking good, but boy did it make a difference.  What a POP!