Flower Recipe Friday: Centerpiece with Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Flowers are such an important detail for any wedding, be it small or big. They are that detail that makes the celebration romantic and bridal. We are lucky enough to have several amazing floral designers here in Utah and we house 5 of them here on UBB’s preferred vendor list. These amazing designers provide us with the recipes we give you each month! These recipes give you a look at the ingredients of some of their amazing work and some inspiration of course!
Today Sarah windward from Honey of a Thousand Flowers is showing us the ingredients behind a beautiful floral Table-scape! It’s enough to make anyone want to wed again! Sarah is an internationally sought after designer and we are so lucky to have her here! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography for the pictures!

To me this tablescape is a great display of mid-summer. Most of the delicate blooms have stop blooming but roses are still sticking around, vines are covering everything, and fruit is hanging from the trees. I have tried to capture that feel in this arrangement. 

I used soft peach and pink tones mixed with some mauve toned roses to sort of muddy up the color palette and make it not quite so sweet. On long tables I like to have more than one floral arrangement so that the flowers continue all the way down the table and make the whole setting feel lush and full. I’ve accented these with some seasonal fruit, both edible and not. I’ve included crab apples and figs coming out of the arrangements, and filled a compote with gooseberries to accent the flowers with. I like running vines between everything to create the wild garden feel that I love so much. 

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