Flower Recipe With Blooms & Blossoms

We love our fabulous five florists here at UBB and we are always impressed with every interaction we have with each of them, this is a stellar group of talented pros and we are especially delighted in this series they are helping make happen for you, our readers. Today Kelli from Blooms & Blossoms joins us with one bouquet two ways: greens and no greens. Along with a few matching bouts. Really goes to show how a bloom only bouquet reads, and what a little green can do to change the look. Not to mention the endless bout options that come a long with just one bouquet! Take it away Kelli!



I often have bride’s come to me wanting a bouquet without any foliage. While I love a bouquet packed with only blooms I also adore a bouquet with the added greens. So, I decided to create two bouquets. Each bouquet has the same blooms but one of them has the added foliage. I absolutely love the flowers spring has to offer so I chose cheerful blooms in spring colors.  I designed one bouquet to be a little bit tighter and more compact while the other is more loose and whimsical. Instead of using traditional ribbon for the stems of the bouquet I like the idea of using a favorite scarf. Whether you use a scarf of a great grandmother or other relative or just pulling your favorite scarf from your closet it adds a special touch and personalizes the bouquet.

bloomsandblossoms1 bloomsandblossoms2

 I love playing with boutonnieres. For this particular style I wanted each boutonniere to be a little bit different and unique from the others. I felt it was important to keep some consistency so I used bay leaf and white ribbon on each boutonniere. 

bloomsandblossoms6 bloomsandblossoms7And without further ado …. the recipe!

bloomsandblossoms9 bloomsandblossoms10 bloomsandblossoms11


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