Flower Recipes with Honey of a Thousand Flowers

0001Fridays and flower recipes go so well together because we love them both so much! Today we have Sarah Winward from Honey of a Thousand Flowers on to share with us this gorgeous centerpiece recipe and some thoughts about her inspiration and spring time blooms!


I love all of the really small, delicate blooms that are available in the spring. There aren’t many large focal flowers in their natural season, so I like to really stretch myself by making arrangements only out of the tiny, very textural blooms that are available.  This arrangement is just that. Lots of texture.



The color palette here is springy and light. It includes many colors but focused mostly on whites and purples. The ranunculus here have the edge on them that is purple, and the frittilaria have the purple checks on them too. I like tying the color palette together with flowers like this that have multiple colors in them. I think it makes the palette feel more cohesive because you are connecting the dots between the colors that are otherwise very different from each other (purple and white in this case). 

I like the idea of this centerpiece being one of many small arrangements clustered on a long table, mixed  with lots of candlelight in an elegant setting. 


Floral Recipe and arrangement: Honey of a Thousand Flowers
Photography: Lindsey Orton