Flower Tip Friday: Financial Anatomy

The weekend is finally here! It is a big wedding weekend in Utah so some of you are off to get hitched while some of you are just beginning or are in the throws of the wedding planning process! Today we thought we would reach back into our archives to a flower tip Friday from 2010. We asked Studio Stems {the original composer} to come back and re-vamp a little this well written and informative post for our current readers, it was a heavily read article that was re-shared on other blogs and continues to receive traffic today! So we know you are bound to learn a think or two from these wise words!

Brides come into my office all across the board, some well planned and educated and some not, some know what they want and some don’t, high budget, low budget, and the list of variables goes on. Truth is I enjoy the little characteristics that come with each type of bride.  What seems to be universal, is that most brides come in wanting the ideal, wanting some level of extravagance! And they come hoping they can get it! Some are more realistic about how achievable this is than others, but for those who are unrealistic … its not your fault, you just don’t know all the “ins-n-outs” of flowers, it really boils down to a simple education and understanding, which is why you should take the time to sit down with your florist and be taught so that your floral wedding dreams can be as close to realized as possible. 

Many clients have no idea what wedding floral costs or the labor it entails. They think something like $1000 dollars seems like a HUGE budget that may result in HUGE arrangements and gorgeous bouquets. Not knowing how quickly things add up, how labor intensive floral decor can be, and just how high that stem count can get!

Before we dive too deep, lets start with one of the most common questions we florists get, who pays? Generally the groom pays for the personal floral needs and the bride pays for floral decor, but this throws back to tradition from a few decades ago, modern times bring a less consistent thread of financial division. While your florist can advise you on this aspect it really should be decided between the two families involved. The more important question … what will this cost the pocket book of the responsible party? Well lets take a look.

Often times bride’s come in with pictures like these:

UBB{colincowieweddings.com & Sarah Kate Photography/Branching Out Events}

And some of them can indeed afford it, but usually they can not, not all of us are Kardashians. Coming from the most sought after floral designer in the world or someone local with talent these puppies are gonna cost you a pretty penny! A centerpiece like that likely will run you on a low end $250 and on up from there! Multiply that by 10 and you can see how easy it is to push a floral invoice into the ceiling. Speaking of ceilings, want a gorgeous floral chandelier? Dont we all! This floral detail is extremely labor intensive and you should expect to pay several thousand dollars for one like you see above. So really you just need to ask yourself what is realistic for you individually, you may be able to afford extravagant designs, or perhaps you cannot afford anything near that, and you may fall somewhere in-between. The important idea is to be realistic, think about what you can afford and do enough research to have an accurate perceived value of what your money can buy you!

A good florist will ensure your reality is still beautiful, perhaps something more along these lines: 


{The Reason Photography/No Regrets Events & Kate Osborne Photography/Honey of a Thousand Flowers}

Still beautiful and lush designs that create similar effects but perhaps within a more reasonable budget accommodating the more typical bride. A beautiful urn based centerpiece still sets the stage for a beautiful table! Want some height? Get a taller vessel! Something like this cuts the centerpiece budget from above in half, and possibly then some! A foliage chandelier like this one from one of our favorite local designers, Sarah Winward, will bring you out of the thousands mentioned above but still hang something lovely above head. 

Or go ahead and shoot for that extravagant ideal, but be prepared to pay extravagant prices! Our advice simply is, know what your budget will buy you. Know what your needs are and what to expect in size and quality, structure, and design. This will result in realistic expectations, that in turn will result in a fantastic wedding day. And even if you don’t know …. well that’s OK your florist will teach you!

You better go book that consult now! We have so many lovely florists here in Utah, five of them are accessible here on UBB in our preferred vendors list! Or go visit Studio Stems at their darling studio in Lehi!