Flower Tip Friday {She's got the look!}

She’s Got the Look!

Whenever I first meet with brides, I always ask what ‘look’ they’re going for in their wedding design plans.  Understanding their desired style will help in determining appropriate flower types, textures, and finishing touches of the design. 

To help me get a visual, I usually start by asking them to describe their dress.  From this description alone, I can get a good idea of the atmosphere they want for their wedding day.  For example, it would be unlikely to find a bride wearing a vintage tea-length dress and flats going for ‘elegance’.  And on the flip side, you’d never find a bride wearing a dress with a ten-foot train who was going for ‘cute and fun’.  Just like your dress needs to complement the look you’re going for, it’s important to have a bouquet that matches the overall style of your wedding.

Take a look at the following photos.  What look are you going for with your wedding?  Which bouquet would complement that look?

Are there flowers, which are considered more formal than others?  Absolutely.  Are there details and elements of design, which would fit perfectly within certain styles but look completely out of place in others?  Without a doubt. 

Your bouquet makes a statement, and keep in mind that as it will be in nearly every wedding photo with you, it needs to make the statement you had in mind!  After all, you’ve never looked more beautiful- you need a bouquet to match!  Be sure to be selective in finding a florist who has a solid understanding of your designated style so that when your big day arrives, you can be sure you’ve “got the look!”

-Melissa Nickle, Owner

Blossom Sweet



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