Gateway Bridal Spring 2012 Collection {Sneek Peak}

We are thrilled to give our readers the first sneak peak of Gateway Bridal’s latest photo shoot featuring their Gateway Bridal and LatterDayBride collections.  The complete LatterDayBride 2012 Spring collection will be available on their website in the first half of October and samples are arriving daily to the showroom for both the Gateway Bridal and LatterDayBride collections so make sure to check out these beauties in person!

Bridal Trends and Styles:
Something we are seeing for new trends in bridal is using accessories to play up your dress and not being afraid to make a statement with your accessories.  Fun; bold jewelry is something you can wear for your pictures that will set you apart from other brides!  Belts are a huge trend right now.  They can add just the right finishing touch to your dress and not distract in any way!  With some belts, you can wear them after the wedding on a day to day basis that can get you more bang-for-your-buck!

Dress styles are also changing; the ball gown is making a come-back!  It may not be the ball gown we are used to seeing on brides of past generations; it is a new take on an old classic.  Skirts are getting fuller, but the bodice of the dress highlights your curves and the dress as a whole doesn’t consume you!

We are also seeing a more flowing dress with softer fabrics and details.  It doesn’t have to be about wearing a structured dress anymore.  Bridal trends are going more towards a softer overall feel for weddings and the first place to start is with the dress!  If you do want more detail on your dress, add it in one location.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much going on with your dress, find a dress that has balance and fits who you are.

Bridesmaids are always part of any wedding.  Something girls are doing right now is picking a color pallet and letting their maids pick a dress that suits their style.  Not all girls are okay wearing the same dress as another girl, and not every dress looks good on different body types.  If you want your maids to look cohesive, find a balance that highlights each girl for who she is.  No bride wants to deal with a maid that hates her dress or will fight you to the nail on wearing a particular dress.  This new trend of having just a color pallet, allows you as the bride to have control over a key element of their dress, but letting each girl be who she wants to be.  You should have final say over what each girl wears, but may eliminate a lot of the drama that can come with dressing your bridesmaids.

A trend may not always be for you.  The ones we are seeing now will be around for a while, but if you have always pictured yourself and your wedding being different from what you are seeing, don’t be afraid to stick to your guns.  It is your wedding and you need to look back years from now and still love all the details of that day!

Photography by: Rebekah Westover
Hair & Makeup by: Enizio


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