Grand Wedding Exit

We love sharing great wedding related products with our readers and we also love ourselves a great wedding exit! The traditions behind a celebratory send off make it one of the most memorable moments of a wedding and also well enjoyed by guests! Today Grand Wedding Exit is joining us to share their great product + give one of our lucky readers the ultimate send off package!


Grand Wedding Exit is happy to announce to all of our Utah Bride Blog readers a wedding sparkler giveaway!  At Grand Wedding Exit  they specialize in true wedding sparklers that are specifically made for weddings and events!  These sparklers are made with a steel wire core which ensures a smokeless and ash-less display! Grand Wedding Exit offers three popular sizes of wedding sparklers from 36 inch wedding sparklers all the way down to 10 inch wedding sparklers.  This company was started by a bride herself who had trouble finding wedding sparklers on her big day.  After going through countless companies and coordinating with multiple planners, she finally found authentic wedding sparklers. After her own wedding, she got together with her wedding planner and starter her own company making it easy for all brides to find the proper wedding sparklers for their big day!   They are happy to announce a free giveaway to all of our readers.  Included in this wedding sparklers giveaway is their 20 inch wedding sparkler, which is ideal for medium sized weddings from 50-150 wedding guests.  These sparklers will lasts two to two and half minutes which gives the newlyweds plenty of time to casually walk out and truly enjoy the fairy-tale exit! They will offer a pack of 144 20 inch sparklers and will also include a pack of their wedding punks, which will make it extremely easy for your guests to ignite the sparklers.  It doesn’t stop!  They are including a 36 pack of heart sparklers which are amazing for fun bridal photo’s and offer a unique spin on sparklers.  When you light these heart sparklers they will actually create two sparks that go around the entire heart until they touch at the very end!  Last, they will include a six pack of their wedding cake sparklers!  These are great to put on top of your wedding cake or any birthday celebration.  You will want to make sure your venue allows all sparklers at your location.  Grand Wedding Exit looks forward to offering this giveaway and this retails for over $135!  If you have any questions about their wedding sparklers or any sparkler issues, do not hesitate to reach out to them!