Great Salt Lake Groomals {Lexi + Matt}

Lexi and Matt sure make for a beautiful couple and we can’t get enough of these gorgeous Great Salt Lake groomals by Cassandra Farley Photography! We are obsessed with Lexi’s family hand-made gown that has a unique boho/Gatsby look and feel, paired with a couple of different style of headpieces. Matt also looked perfect in his blue suit paired with a pink bow tie! The Salt Flats made for a simplistic and beautiful backdrop that really brought out this beautiful couple and their energetic love!
greatslatlake_groomals_2 greatslatlake_groomals_1 greatslatlake_groomals_3 greatslatlake_groomals_4 greatslatlake_groomals_5 greatslatlake_groomals_6 greatslatlake_groomals_7 greatslatlake_groomals_8 greatslatlake_groomals_9 greatslatlake_groomals_10 greatslatlake_groomals_12 greatslatlake_groomals_11 greatslatlake_groomals_13 greatslatlake_groomals_14