Heather + Jason: Mountain Groomals

Heather + Jason contacted us with their sweet story about love, loss, courage, + dreams and we wanted to share that sweet story with you. We love to hear from brides themselves and we especially love it when they open up to us! They ventured into the basin of Albion for their groomal session with Maria Camila Photo!

Heather shared with us her story in words and radiated some serious courage in between the lines. She was not sure she would ever find love but this year she did after she found love for herself. In the last year she finished grad school and began working as a nurse practitioner, she accomplished this all while mourning the sudden loss of her mother and her sister and working on changing her inner love + soul and loosing over 80lbs. Jason came into her life 3 years ago for one single date, recently divorced the timing was just not right but years later they found each other again and went on one more first date that started a bright love that supports the hardest of times + the best of times! Congrats Heather + Jason we are so happy for you and so inspired by you! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us, it is so real and so grand!


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