Heber Groomals {Deirdre & Jason}

Today we have a lovely groomal session photographed by Callie Hobbs Photography to share with you! Jason and Deirdre met in provo while attending school. She is from the deep south, Georgia and he is from Washington. After a few years of dating Jason proposed to Deirdre while on a horseback ride in Heber. She wanted to bring her roots and romantic journey to life in her images with the dreamy landscape and the beautiful horses. We love that this beautiful couple used a location that was special and meaningful to them + absolutly gorgeous!

HeberGroomals1 C05A1031 HeberGroomals2 C05A1062 HeberGroomals3 C05A1075 HeberGroomals4 C05A1088 HeberGroomals5 HeberGroomals6 C05A1215 HeberGroomals7 C05A1229 C05A1266 HeberGroomals8 C05A1277 C05A1297 C05A1305 HeberGroomals9


  1. Jack and Allene Zitting says:

    Wonderful, wonderful pictures. I never saw anything like that when we were there. Your pictures are a treasure to remember. Both of you are suited for each other…………but are you taking the horse with you? Love you and have a blessed and joyful married life together.

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