Hipster Concept Engagements

A few couple of weeks ago we posted an amazing Preppy Concept Engagement shoot by Jessica White Photography! Today we are sharing part 2 of that concept shoot but this time showing a hipster look instead! We loving the hair and makeup done by Versa Artistry! The way you wear you hair, your accessories and outfits can determine the look and style of your shoot. We love to see brides and grooms show their unique style in their images and have fun with fashion! Thank you so much for sharing these fun images with us Jessica! It’s going to be hard to decide which one we love more!

 HipsterEngagements1 DSC_2548 HipsterEngagements2b HipsterEngagements3b DSC_2562 HipsterEngagements4b DSC_2564 HipsterEngagements5b DSC_2650 HipsterEngagements6b DSC_2813 HipsterEngagements7b HipsterEngagements8b DSC_2792