Hot Air Balloon Groomals {Whitney + Jed}

We are so excited to share with you today’s fun and unique groomal session shot by Talia Photography! The setting takes place at Ogden Valley Balloon Festival and involves hot air balloons! We can’t get over this unique setting and the shots of all of the balloons in the air is just breathtaking! A bit more behind the story from Talia:

“After attending the Ogden Valley Balloonfest a few years ago I was in awe. When I found out that they were going to have the balloonfest this year, after a 5 years break, I knew I wanted to plan groomals around it. I wanted to keep the shoot fun and simple by focusing on the couple’s love and the bright colored hot air balloons. With a simply gorgeous lace gown from Gateway Bridal and a custom suit from Express, and a couple in love, we were ready. During the shoot, as the sun was rising and the balloons were blowing up, we were approached by a pilot to ride in his balloon! We all couldn’t pass this once in a lifetime opportunity!”
Balloonfest_00-3 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_2 Balloonfest_00-18 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_1 Balloonfest_00-21 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_3 Balloonfest_00-26 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_4 Balloonfest_00-31 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_5 Balloonfest_00-42 Balloonfest_00-50 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_6 Balloonfest_00-62 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_7 Balloonfest_00-90 Balloonfest_00-91

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