Inspiration Board {Navy & Chartreuse}



If you know me… then you know green is my favorite color! I love green as a wedding color and there are SO many combinations that go perfect with green. By combining an earthy green chartreuse and preppy navy creates a clean and refreshing  pallet that is classy and upscale. I love the natural feel of the brilliant greenish yellow paired with the strength of navy blue….definitely a little nautical…

What are your wedding colors? Do you know what color your want to use, but don’t know what color to use as an accent color? Let us know! We will design an inspiration board just for you!


  1. Loving the navy…especially those shoes… and of course the chartreuse green looks good with everything. Hope to see more of this. It’s quite refreshing.

  2. danylda says:

    i love green, it’s my favorite color ever, and im pretty sure that im going to have green in my palette, my wedding is going to be in a restaurant near to the beach, i don’t exactly wich combination im gonna use. can un help me?

  3. katielynn says:

    I am a lover of green as well. I was thinking of two color combo’s…the first is Magenta, Slate Gray, and Chartreuse. The second Plum, Slate Gray or Ivory, with the pop of Chartreuse again to accent. What do you think?

  4. Laura says:

    I have to know where you can get those invitations. If anyone knows please let me know, thanks so much!!

  5. MELISSA says:

    ok so my favorit color is like a light green kinda like a sage green i dont knw i like so many light green its so hard to pick but i want a green that is commond so i can find stuff faster wen it comes to buying stuff for the wedding i dont want to make everything custom wedding will be like on late sept-november so i kinda want it to go with the season on the month we are in and i want the green to be my main color with like a goldish and another color but i have a hard time picking two or three colors so i need help can you guys make me a inspiratin bored.THANKS

  6. Dana says:

    I think I want to use the color navy as a base color for my summer wedding. I like the idea of a light green and white or cream color with it. I’m also thinking about bright colors such as pinks and oranges together. I don’t know which will look better!

  7. Jeannie Barnes says:

    What are the flowers in the bouquet? My wedding is Navy and green as well.. I really like those flowers!

  8. sarah says:

    I am also using navy, green and white as my wedding colors this summer. I love the invitations-where can I find them?!! thanks so much:)

  9. laurie wescott says:

    My daughter is using peacock teal as the color of bridemaid dresses, as mother of bride i am not for sure what color to wear? Any suggestions? Thanks Laurie

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