Inspiration: Tinge Floral & Jessica Kettle Photography

The time is upon us to end this fall season but before we do that it is very necessary to share with you one last lovely fall inspiration shoot. Orchestrated by two very talented ladies: Ashley with Tinge Floral & Jessica Kettle Photography. Ashley staged and styled this shoot to generate a more accurate representation of who she is a floral designer, here is a little of what she had to say about her designs:

Peach is a popular color pallet for weddings right now, which I’m okay with because I love it too. It’s pretty and romantic and perfect for any season, the trick is making it work for that season by adding the right elements.

In this series, I used a lot of earthy materials like glass, copper, logs and antlers to juxtaposition the flowers from looking too elegant. I also used accent colors like amber and navy to bring depth to the flowers to make them feel more appropriate for fall. Lots of textures in these arrangements help break up the peachy pinks and make the overall look wild but still put together. They look fall with a nod at the season past.

Design & Staging: Ashley Bleyler with Tinge Floral
Photography: Jessica Kettle
Cake: Tulie Bakery



  1. I am really not a fan of studio style portraits- strongly not a fan. But I LOVE this. It is a credit to Jessica to be able to do something like this on a white backdrop and make it seem fresh and new and creative and not at all stuffy and overly formal. Even using lights and it’s not too much, it still somehow looks natural.

    The florals are a dream too, and I absolutely adore the copper accents. It’s just lovely. Wonderful job to both of you ladies!

  2. Ashley Beyer says:

    Thank you so much for the feature! I couldn’t be more grateful and excited about being featured here. Jessica Kettle is a dream, and the way she photographed everything and helped with everything was incredible. We’re so excited!

  3. RJ Carbone says:

    The peach flowers and earth tones, particularly the dried floral items, provided a very organic and natural tone for every shot. I loved the simple floral headband and natural lighting in many of the photos, and admired the creation of an autumn look without over saturating each scene with orange and brown. Great job!

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