Intimate Mountain Wedding {Julia + Jordan}

Today we have a really sweet, intimate ceremony in the mountains to share with you all that was captured by Aria Photography! It was a fresh morning in the canyon, and Julia and Jordan kept everything simple and small and only had their close family present. If you didn’t think it could get any sweeter, it sure can! Julia wore the dress her grandmother and mother both wore on their wedding days. How lovely and sentimental is that? We adore everything about this simple ceremony centered around the couple and their love for each other.
Aria-Photography_001 Aria-Photography_002  Aria-Photography_003 Aria-Photography_004 Aria-Photography_005 Aria-Photography_006 Aria-Photography_007 Aria-Photography_008 Aria-Photography_009 Aria-Photography_010 Aria-Photography_011 Aria-Photography_012 Aria-Photography_013 Aria-Photography_014 Aria-Photography_015 Aria-Photography_016 Aria-Photography_017 Aria-Photography_018 Aria-Photography_019 Aria-Photography_020 Aria-Photography_021 Aria-Photography_022 Aria-Photography_023 Aria-Photography_024 Aria-Photography_025 Aria-Photography_026 Aria-Photography_027 Aria-Photography_028 Aria-Photography_029 Aria-Photography_030

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  1. Ellen Herman says:

    That was SOOOO beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing! What a backdrop; and to have the ceremony in the mountains is the coolest thing ever 🙂 Julia made an adorable bride…and Jordan such a handsome groom.. Those pictures were amazing!!
    I live in Illinois. I am Julia’s sister (Maurine’s) Mother-in-law.
    Wish I could of been there!!

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