Joseph Smith Memorial Building {Inspiration Shoot}

Today we are thrilled to share with you something a little different! The Great Gatsby theme is becoming increasingly more popular and a style trend we are seeing this year. The classic design of the Empire Room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is the perfect match for that era and we love the way Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen Photography¬†captured it! This shoot is the perfect example that you don’t always have to do the classic table set up in this room and that there are some amazing details like the ceiling and chandeliers! We would love to know your thoughts on this Great Gatsby look and if it’s a style you would incorporate into your wedding? We for one love the romantic glam look!
JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_1 ETF_3643 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_2 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_3 ETF_3797 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_4 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_5 ETF_3153 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_12 ETF_3191 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_13 ETF_3542 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_10 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_14 ETF_4093 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_6 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_7 ETF_3663a JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_8 JoshephSmithMemorialBuilding_InspirationShoot_9 ETF_4563

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