Kailey + Kaden: Winter Engagements

Kailey + Kaden look sharp in contrast with the pretty white snow for the engagement session with Vision Photography’s Lyndsey Jackson, the pretty might be on it’s way out and turning dark as spring begins to come on, so if you want pretty white winter engagements you better hit the mts soon! Kailey shared their engagement story with us and it makes us all love Kaden, super cute!

“I was supposed to be meeting him at the Cafe Rio we ate at on our first date for a double date with my best friend and her husband. Kaden was running late so we got our food and when we went to sit down my cousin Cole was sitting there in a suit. I was so confused. I asked him why he was there and what he was doing and he told me he had something for me. He pulled out an iPad and had a video of Kaden’s mom telling me Kaden had a surprise for me so to enjoy my lunch and she had my first clue which was to go to the place we had gotten a trespassing ticket up Logan canyon. So we jumped in the car and headed to Logan. Waiting for us was his best friend Kaleb who had a video of Cole’s parents telling me to go to the place we had first kissed which was the church parking lot of the wedding. There I found his best friends mom who had a video of my parents telling me to go to a restaurant we eat at in Preston. Inside I found his friend Brandon who had a video of my aunt and uncle who told me I needed to ask the waiter for some pictures in Spanish and on the back were words I would unscramble for my next clue. The pictures were ones we had taken on all of our dates and the clue led me to his parents office. There I found a video of my friend Anna telling me that my final clue was in his moms office. There were dresses for me to change into and a puzzle which was a picture of his grandpa and I riding in his grandpa’s plane. After I was all dressed up we headed to the airport. Along the road were signs of the things Kaden loved about me. I got there and as I walked around the hanger I found Kaden in a suit standing next to the airplane. I stopped dead in my tracks and started to cry. I will never be able to describe how perfect that moment was coming around the corner to him. I walked over and he told me had thought about what was most important in his life and he had decided that it was me. He opened the hanger door and there was a huge sign that said, Kailey J. Christensen will you marry me. He got on one knee and proposed with both of our families standing there cheering us on.”