Kylie & Chase {in love}

Today we are sharing a stunning engagement session by Chantel Marie Photography. We love how unique Chantel’s photography is and how intimate she can get with her clients.
We also adore Kylie & Chase’s love story and wanted to share it!

We met in the summer of 2011 at one of the Twilight Concert Series events in Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Park. Chase and his friends were going around taking pictures with a professional camera acting as if they were hired photographers for the Twilight Concert Series. This is basically how they would break the ice with any of the girls. It just so happens that my girlfriends and I fell for it and started posing for the camera!

After Chase and his friends had taken pictures of us, I approached him and asked for his card or Facebook information so that I could find the pictures to have for myself. He replied by asking for my number. At that moment, I realized that this was not a group of Twilight Concert Series photographers, but rather it was a group of funny guys picking up on chicks! I thought it was pretty cleaver, so I grabbed his phone and dialed my number to call myself without giving him my information. The next morning I sent a text out to all of the unknown numbers in my phone from the night before so that I could figure out who was who. Chase text me back and proceeded to ask me out on a date the next day.

The first date began and immediately there was a spark. The rest is pretty much history. It can pretty much be said that we started dating each other for the next two years beginning with our first date. We were married exactly two years later on our first date anniversary, July 23, 2013.






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