Lianna Loves Spencer {Velour Groomals}

Lianna Hartley and Spencer Russell started dating in September 2010. Their first date was at Open Mic Night at Velour, a venue in Provo. Spencer is a very talented singer and musician and they chose to have their groomals shot at the same location as their first date! Lianna was wearing her grandmothers dress that she made and Spencer got out a guitar and played the song he had written for Lianna to sing at their wedding. He didn’t want her to her the words yet so he just played the song! How sweet is that?! I just love how unique and different this groomal session is that was captured by Amber Weimer and how it represents the couple and their lovely story!


  1. Andi Watkins says:

    Oh my gosh I love everything about this feature! The sweet story and the beautiful images that accompany it, warm my heart on this lovely spring morning, thank you for sharing.

  2. Scott Jarvie says:

    Well hot dang… never thought about going to Velour or some of those other concert venues. But then again it really works best if they are musicians like he is.

    But now that I think of it… I should use my connections to use places like the capitol theatre or abravenal hall.

  3. mikaela says:

    …stumbled upon this post, your dress is gorgeous! I would love to replicate it! 🙂

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