Logan + Ashley: Winter Groomals

A ground covered with the white stuff we are known for here in Utah is not too far away! So we felt this great groomal session by Brianne Heiner Photography was a great start to showing you winter brides that you can still shoot outdoors, you just have to be brave + have a little bit thicker skin! We have some winter picture tips + tricks for you at the end of this post!

Logan and Ashley met on a cabin trip to Midway with about 40 friends. A few weeks later, their paths serendipitously [read: very conveniently and a bit suspiciously] crossed again on another small group trip to Park City. They bonded over shared ambitions, favorite books, similar life goals, and a love of sweet potato fries. They got married early spring this year to seal the deal! Congrats you two + thanks to Brianne Heiner Photography for sharing!


Tips + tricks: Not only are you going to need to stay warm but it’s so important to not look cold in the images, a tricky endeavor in a bridal gown. Bring a super warm coat or two to warm up in when needed. We also highly recommend hand warmers, they come in handy for more than hands, use them to warm up your nose or parts of your face during the shoot! And last but not least keep those lips from shriveling up and looking blue, bring along one of my favorite lip balms for the win!