Louland Falls Formals {Dani & Matt}

This couple’s formal session with Tory from T.L. Photography, showcases their love for each other and their classic styles. Dani and Matt chose to do a first look because they wanted as much time as possible on their wedding day to celebrate with their friends and family. They chose Louland Falls for their location because it embraced the natural Utah landscape they spend so much of their time in. The bride’s gorgeous dress is from David’s Bridal and her hair and make-up was done by Paula J. Dahlberg.

From the Bride: “The great outdoors has been the backdrop for so many moments in our relationship. We grew together as we tackled peaks, rock faces, and remote miles. Louland falls was a place that let us share that piece of our relationship with our friends and family on our big day. As for the look, I wanted to keep the makeup pretty natural, and went for a look that just enhanced what was already there and I still felt like it was “me” looking back in the mirror.”

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