Magazine Featured Wedding {Mallory + Colby}

We love this real wedding (that can be seen featured in our magazine!) and the story behind it.  This amazing bride divulges how her dream wedding came to life and the sweet love story that brought it all together.
From the Bride:
“Colby and I met in high school. I was 16 and he was 17 (yes, that the sound of music song always goes off in my head every time I say that). We sat next to each other in a class and I noticed he was writing with a quill pen and I thought that was the coolest thing ever because I had one too (we both loved Harry Potter, thus the reason for the odd quill pens story). From then on we were best friends through out high school. We always had a little crush on each other but never really did much about it. He went off to serve an LDS mission for two years and we wrote letters frequently. We grew even closer through out that time and by the time he got home I new he was the one despite the fact we had never really discussed the matter.  After dating for several months, Colby proposed during a sunrise on the North Shore of Oahu, where I had lived while he was gone. So when I say I married my best friend, I really did.
Our wedding day was so special because we truly felt like we were marrying our one true companion in this life. We can’t wait to grow old together and enjoy pretending to be a cute old couple now. We love feeding ducks together and spending time in nature. Colby is an outdoors adventure guy, and I am one the girliest girls you will ever meet. But even though my idea of a perfect night involves Nordstrom, and his involves a campfire, we compliment each other perfectly and love spending all the time we can get with one another.”
Our Wedding:
“I was one of those girls who stashed wedding magazines her entire life. I had even kept a meticulous folder I began in middle school of clippings of weddings from magazines. So when the time came to actually plan my wedding I was in pure heaven. I wanted a classic wedding, full of lots of flowers and vintage European details. Since seeing the movie “Father of the Bride” in the 90’s I had always dreamed to have my wedding in my yard at my home. The giant sycamore trees and beautiful gardens made the perfect backdrop to what I had envisioned. I gained a lot of inspiration for my wedding around Mary’s wedding from the TV show Downton Abbey .I loved the European and classic feel and endless amounts of flowers. I planned my wedding almost entirely around my wedding dress, a classically beaded Jenny Packham named “Rose”. I had always wanted a unique vintage looking dress-and the second I put this one on I knew it was it. I knew it was a dress that I would still be in style when one of my future daughters would get married and could become a family air loom. One of the most important aspects of my wedding were florals. To me-they were the main decorations of my wedding and what gave it the most timeless look possible. Ashley Beyer of Tinge floral made my flower dreams come true and basically painted our reception with flowers (the girl is a flower whisperer). To accent the flowers, we rented vintage plates accented them with gold silverware for yummy English inspired scones. Our reception took place in the evening, which turned out to be completely magical. I always said that I wanted my wedding to “glow”. I loved the idea of real candles because of how magical and classic they make an event seem. 100’s of candles lined our pathway and the tables. From the giant tree in my backyard candle lit glass globes hung from the tree. I will never forget looking at Colby when we were dancing and realizing we would always be each others.  It was so special to have so many of my dreams come true in one day. I couldn’t have done it without my mother-who has the best taste of anyone I know. We planned my wedding together and it was a special experience that I will never forget.”
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