McKenzie & Levi {In Love}

McKenzie and Levi have a special chemistry. They both love the outdoors, traveling and are big rock climbers. Levi proposed while they were rock climbing together in Big Cottonwood Canyon, so that location was a fitting for their engagement session. We can’t get over what a beautiful couple these two make and how equally beautiful all of these images by Kirstin Roper are! So natural, real and stunning! We have said it before and we will keep saying it… we adore the idea of shooting your engagements/bridals in a location that is meaning full to you and your man. It just makes the images that more special! Thank you so much Kirstin for sharing these gorgeous images with us!

mckenzie+levi_01 mckenzie+levi_02 mckenzie+levi_03 mckenzie+levi_05 mckenzie+levi_07 mckenzie+levi_08 mckenzie+levi_09 mckenzie+levi_10 mckenzie+levi_12 mckenzie+levi_15 mckenzie+levi_16 mckenzie+levi_17 mckenzie+levi_22 mckenzie+levi_23 mckenzie+levi_27 mckenzie+levi_28 mckenzie+levi_29 mckenzie+levi_30 mckenzie+levi_31 mckenzie+levi_34 mckenzie+levi_35 mckenzie+levi_36 mckenzie+levi_40 mckenzie+levi_37 mckenzie+levi_44


  1. Man, oh man do I love those woods and trees. They are beautiful and stunning and wonderful and amazing and magical and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are perfect! I would frolic and run and play in them forever if I could! I would love them forever! That is my idea of my most perfect happy place!

    I love this session!

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