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Hey UBB followers we have a treat in store for you, one that we hope will interest you for a long while! You asked for reality and that is what we are delivering! We came to know this lovely gal Ericka and knew she was the perfect fit for a UBB reality bride! What does this mean for you? Follow Ericka + Braxton through the whole process of wedding planning from just newly engaged to the big day and through the first year! They are officially part of UBB for a while! And today they are sharing their real raw story of how they came to be and what led up to their engagement!

Hey everyone! It’s Ericka. I’m from Rapid City, South Dakota. I moved here January of 2016. My fiancé Braxton is from Syracuse. We met through a mutual friend. She was one of my first friends here. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Utah and was planning to move this upcoming summer. Obviously she wasn’t a fan of that idea so I would always jokingly say to her “unless I fall in love by the time I plan to move, I’m getting out of here!” That was when she became super determined to find my future husband and she had the perfect guy in mind. She told me to go follow him on instagram so I did. A couple days later she texted him and sent him a few photos of me, and he decides he thinks I am pretty cute, so she tells him that he should get to know me because we are perfect for each other. He ended up messaging me on instagram where I obviously pulled the “text me it’s easier than talking on here” card. Sure enough he did!

He plays city softball leagues with a group of his friends he went to high school with and they just so happened to be playing in a couple days. I made Sydnee go with me because I was SO nervous, obviously! We watched his game at Steed Park. His friend, him Sydnee and I went and hung out for a while, surprisingly I was into him the second I met him. I say surprisingly because I tend to be a little picky, oops! (: Anyways after that we started talking everyday, we hung out a couple times a week and basically every weekend. That eventually led us to have the talk about where our relationship was going. We had a serious conversation about life and our dreams. We both agreed that the next relationship we wanted to be in would be the real deal, because of that we held off officially dating for a few months. We still talked a lot though. I ended up going on a few trips during that time, NYC for New Years being one of them. That’s when we started to really kick things off again. I got back to Utah a couple days after the New Year and he took me on a bowling date, which led to another date the following weekend, that’s when the feelings got really real!

One night we were hanging out at home, he all of a sudden started to feel nauseous, I could hear him throwing up in the other room, I went in there and asked if he needed anything. I went back to the other room only to find myself getting nauseous; I quickly ran to the bathroom and puked right over his head into the toilet! (Mind you we still weren’t officially dating at this point, I was still in the trying to impress him stage). I was so embarrassed! We ended up spending the next 12 hours taking turns puking. At that point, we had both seen each other at our worst. We still joke about it to this day.

About a week after that, Braxton got his wisdom teeth out. I went with him to the surgery for obvious reasons. I spent every minute I could taking care of him. He claims this is when he absolutely knew I was the woman for him. A couple days after that was the super bowl, that’s when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, I of course said yes! I had only been waiting for him to ask me for MONTHS! Im not kidding when I say I was into him since day one, you can imagine how happy I was about him finally asking. I forgot to mention that I was not the only one completely thrilled about this. His family and our friends were 100% team Ericka.

His nephews birthday party was the following weekend, it was getting late and I was cuddling his nephew on the couch rocking him to sleep. Braxton was next to me talking in his helium voice from the balloon when he managed to slip and say I love you! Totally caught me off guard but man was I happy! The next day we talked about how crazy it was to be falling for each other so fast yet it was so exciting and just felt right. We came to the conclusion we couldn’t live without each other nor did we want to. I wont lie, I had kind of a sour outlook towards love and soul mates at first so for me to be feeling like this, I knew it was real andmeant to be. That’s when our relationship took a turn, for the better of course!


Valentines day approached and he took me to dinner. Afterwards we decided to go look at rings since it was settled we wanted to keep moving forward with our relationship. I had a general idea of what I wanted for a ring but I wasn’t super picky, I just wanted to be able to finally call this guy my fiancé! Over the next couple weeks we looked at multiple rings, finally settling on one at Jared that we both loved. He ended up buying the ring that day however he did not take it home since it had to get sized, that’s when the anticipation got real. I had no idea when he was going to have it, when he was going to ask or how. All I knew was it was bound to happen soon! Everything seemed to fall right in to place from there.


To be continued …. MAY 19th!

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  1. Geri Riggs says:

    Oh Ericka and Braxton, love your story. So happy for both of you and so glad you found each other. You did such a good job describing how you met and how your relationship developed Ericka. Looking forward to the next post! Love you and looking forward to meeting Braxton and his family.

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