Miranda & Ryan: Sundance Utah Wedding

We have so many great photographers here in Utah, but one of our favorites is Jimmy with Gideon Photography. We are not the only ones either, this guy hails from southern Utah but is in demand all over the state, country, and world! We love that he shares his beautiful Utah weddings with us! Miranda & Ryan’s beautiful Sundance wedding push onto the screen some fall inspiration! It is getting to be that time of year! We loved how well the rustic details blended in with the natural beauty of Sundance. Miranda joins us with a little bit of her love story!

Ryan and I met through his sister; she and I were attending nursing school together. Once I was finally able to talk him into going on a date with me we quickly fell in love and knew we wanted to be together forever. I didn’t have any particular venue set in mind like I think many girls do. But I did know who I wanted as my photographer, Gideon Photography. I had seen his work many times and remembered it distinctly. That was the only part of our wedding we were truly set on. From there everything else sort of fell into place. We were going with the rustic theme and I was thrilled when we came across the Redford Center at Sundance. The burlap, gold, orange, and mint color scheme perfectly complimented this place. Once I saw that we would be married with the tall trees surrounding us and the beautiful tall mountains behind us it really sealed the deal. I like to create things and spent a lot of time putting together every little detail, and the time spent paid off. I couldn’t have imagined this day turning out any better than it did– everything came together perfectly!

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