Modern-Vintage Wedding {Renee + Kyle}

This sweet vintage wedding with a modern take is breathtaking.  Chantel Marie, from Chantel Marie Photography captured the day wonderfully.  The bride is the sweetest thing. You’ll love her as much as we do!

From the Bride:

“A lot of people say their wedding day was magical and wonderful, so full of love, but ours truly was. Our relationship is very yin and yang, since we have such different styles, I was a bit nervous how it was going to come together. Surprisingly, everything turned out so well.

We were able to capture the classic, timeless vibe that I wanted, but still have a fun and casual atmosphere with a raging dance party (Kyle’s biggest request) to top it off. With such a small budget I tried to keep everything simple.

What I loved most about our wedding was that so many of our friends and family chipped in their time and talents to bring our ideas to life. My well for favors is officially dried up, the cakes, DJ, singer, flowers, invitations, signs, food labels, videography, venue were are all courtesy of generous friends of mine. Kyle and I just felt so much love.

I just kept thinking, “wow, this is it, everyone is here, I’m in a white dress…” It was so surreal. At one point, I stopped and took a deep breath. I couldn’t even help myself. It’s like I had to remind myself how to breathe and then I saw Kyle’s face and he looked at me in that way, that way that made me feel so certain. I hope every bride gets to see her future husband look at her the way he did in that moment.

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