Mountain Engagements {Nick & Jenn}

Sometimes relationships are just meant to be! When you meet in the mountains doing something you love, it can’t be anything but fate! That’s exactly how this cute couple met. We absolutely adore their engagement session photographed by Jalene Taylor of J. Taylor Photography. We love how they mixed it up from formal to casual. Jalene did a great job of helping their personalities shine through in the images. Here is Jenn’s version of their love story!
The mountains brought Nick and me together, literally. We met skiing with friends, said hello, and enjoyed an amazing powder day together. I blame the fact that I was wearing goggles for the reason he didn’t get my number right then and there! Later that year, he tagged along with friends on my boat. We once again shared another awesome day boating up in the mountains! We haven’t spent one day apart since that boating trip. Nick quickly became the happiest and best part of my life. Our love for the mountains turned into love for each other. We grew close sharing the many activities we love to do together; ski, bike, boat, and spend time in the outdoors. We wanted our photos to reflect our personalities and our love of the outdoors. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found someone who loves me, life, and love so much.