Mountainside Engagements {Megan & Ben}

Who doesn’t love a little aspen grove loving mixed with the sweet fragrance of Utah’s own wildflowers followed up with a romantic late evening stroll on the lake shore? This romantic engagement took place in the woodland-esque aspens of the Alpine Loop, then they roamed over to a perfectly placed field of wildflowers and ended up on the refreshingly cool shores of Deer Creek Reservoir. We are just smitten with these images of Megan and Ben captured by Christine Barlow Photography!

“Me and Ben met when we were 16 and 17. I was a sophomore in high school and he was the heart throb, baseball-playing, handsome junior that ALL the girls loved! So naturally I had a huge crush on him. I even wanted to ask him to a girls choice dance, but chickened out because I was WAY too intimidated by him! I remember I would walk into the gym where he would be practicing and just so “happen” to run into him. And flirt. And that was about the extent of our relationship in high school! It was a crush from afar. Apparently, He says that HE had a huge crush on ME but was just way too scared to say anything! I still don’t believe it. Looks like that will be a fight that will never be resolved.

A few years after high school, we reconnected and started dating the beginning of May this year, and it immediately clicked. Both of us were skeptics of the whole theory, ‘When you find the right one, you’ll just know’. However, after a first few dates, it just hit us and we knew! It happens!”


UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_1 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_2 IMG004 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_3 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_4 IMG013 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_5 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_6 IMG011 IMG016 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_7 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_8 IMG019 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_9 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_10 IMG027 UtahBrideBlog_Mountainside_Engagements_11

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