Nautical Inspired Wedding

Today we have a gorgeous and fresh nautical inspired wedding with a beautiful couple, timeless dress, and flawless makeup and hair to share with you! These gorgeous images were taken by Callie Hobbs Photography and Elyse Alexandria Photography! We are just smitten with this shoot and love all of the nautical rope details and of course the incorporation of the boats! There is something so romantic about a nautical setting and a dinner for two in the evening watching the sun go down! We love the incorporation of coral into the color palette to give it a bit of a feminine touch. And how perfect is the brides tee-length dress made by Betsy Couture?!
UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_1 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_2 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_3 C05A0142 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_4 IMG_0339 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_5 C05A0309 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_6 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_7 IMG_0316 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_8 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_9 C05A9930 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_10 IMG_0263 C05A9885 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_11 IMG_0385 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_12 C05A0365 UtahBrideBlog_NauticalInspirationWedding_13 C05A0038_1


  1. Betsy says:

    Beautiful on all accounts! Soft, fresh and clean! Thank you for posting this lovely inspirational shoot!

  2. Megan says:

    Were these taken in Utah?? It’s such a beautiful location, I feel like we don’t have anything here that fits a nautical setting so well! It is such a gorgeous session.

  3. Callie says:

    Thank you for the beautiful feature and thank you Beautiful Wedding Announcements for the gorgeous invitation!

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