Pink and Purple Barbie Blooms {Flower Friday}

We are so excited to show off today’s Flower Friday Feature brought to you by Melissa Nickle of Blossom Sweet! We are talking gorgeous and feminine pink and purple blooms that are perfect for a spring or summer wedding! Let’s dive right in!

I am excited to have Blossom Sweet’s work featured today. Early last year, my lovely friend and colleague, Mikki Platt, approached me about an idea she had to do a shoot based on the iconic ‘Barbie and Ken.’ We decided to plan the project as a team, and together we came up with a great concept! We were so happy to have such an incredibly talented team come on board, and we couldn’t no have done it without every one of them. For a project like this we definitely wanted to steer clear of anything too literal or cheesy, and rather go for an aesthetic that would lend more toward a look of sophistication. And thus, in May of last year ‘Barbara and Kenneth’ were born.

The most obvious choice for colors included various shades of pink (Barbie wouldn’t have it any other way, right?), so we moved forward with a palette of blush and bright pinks, ivory, and glitzy metallic accents. Fast-forward to the day before the shoot when I was putting together the designs, and I found myself underwhelmed by so much pink. I felt like it was a little boring! So I made my way over to my local supplier just before closing time to see if I could find anything in particular that caught my eye and would take the designs to the next level. I didn’t know what I was looking for per se, but when I saw the miniature lavender clematis in the cooler (the sort of star-shaped bloom) I fell fast and I fell hard–I’m talking head-over-barbie-in-pink-stillettos hard. I knew I had found the game changer! So we moved forward with more of a “pink and purple” scheme (which coincidentally were my favorite colors throughout most of my childhood), and I’m so glad we made that adjustment!

Finally, here’s the bloom breakdown by color:

pink: garden roses, standard roses, spray roses, kiss me over the garden gate (I swear, I love it just for the name alone!), sweet peas, lisianthus, peonies (several varieties), and dahlias

purple: clematis (1 locally grown variety, 2 others), and stock (2 varieties)

ivory/green: hydrangea, jasmine vine, dusty miller, ranunculus, and locally grown viburnum

UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers1 MPP-0780 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers5 MPP-0791 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers2 MPP-0827 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers3 MPP-1235 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers6 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers4 MPP-4459


Mountain Rowboat Groomals {Erin + Jon}

Even though we are moving into Spring and Summer features this one was just too good not to share! We are obsessed with this gorgeous mountain rowboat groomal session shot by the talented Jacque Lynn Photography! Everything is just stunning from the location, to the rowboat to the gorgeous Erin and Jon! To be honest we are usually just gushing over the bride and her gown but we couldn’t help but gush over Jon and his perfect attire! We love seeing a well dressed groom! Thank you so much for sharing these images with us Jacque!
Jon & Erin Bridals064 utah-bridal-photographer-4 Jon & Erin Bridals075 utah-bridal-photographer-2 utah-bridal-photographer-1 utah-bridal-photographer-3 utah-bridal-photographer-5 utah-bridal-photographer-6 utah-bridal-photographer-7 utah-bridal-photographer-8 utah-bridal-photographer-10 utah-bridal-photographer-9


Kelley + Ryan {In Love}

Kelly and Ryan are in love and we adore these beautiful spring engagements shot by Tiffany Anderson Photography! And for all of you dog lovers out there they even included their babies in their images. If you have been thinking about including your dogs in your engagement or groomal session we say go for it! Get a couple of shots with them and then some without so you have both! We are loving how Kelley’s bright pink dress stands out against the beautiful greens!

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEngagements1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEngagements2 Tiffany Anderson Photography UtahBrideBlog_SpringEngagements3 Tiffany Anderson Photography Tiffany Anderson Photography UtahBrideBlog_SpringEngagements4 Tiffany Anderson Photography Tiffany Anderson Photography Tiffany Anderson Photography UtahBrideBlog_SpringEngagements5 Tiffany Anderson Photography Tiffany Anderson Photography Tiffany Anderson Photography UtahBrideBlog_SpringEngagements6 Tiffany Anderson Photography Tiffany Anderson Photography


April Showers Bring May Flowers Bridal

Here in Utah we for sure know that April showers {and sometimes snow} brings May flowers! Today we are sharing a beautiful spring shower inspired bridal session captured by Ashlee Brooke Photography! Filled with flowers and a little rain we love this fun play on the spring season!
DSC_4231 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_1 DSC_4349 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_3  DSC_4766 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_4 DSC_4877 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_5 DSC_4838 DSC_44601 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_6 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_7 DSC_5035 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_8 DSC_5116 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_9 DSC_5166 UtahBrideBlog_AprilShowers_10 DSC_48081


Utah Engagement Session (Tommy & Amber)

Spring is in full force here in Utah and we are loving it! Today we are sharing a stunning engagement session photographed by Lindsey Shaun Photography! We love the emotion Lindsey is able to capture in her photographs. How COOL is that butterfly shot?!


Flower Friday: Emily & Derek’s Thanksgiving Point Wedding

It’s flower Friday and to finish off this early week in spring season we are bringing you some beautiful blooms from a summer garden wedding at Thanksgiving Point by Studio Stems. These blooms are real summer beauties with bright colors, big layered blooms, and contrasting whites, all created to fit the garden environment and one lovely bride! Whom happens to be joining us with the behind the scenes on her florals from her perspective and then Audrey with Studio Stems will offer us her design insight. Thanks to Jalene Taylor Photography for capturing a beautiful wedding with her own beautiful craft creating beautiful images!

I’ve long had an affinity for fresh flowers, which I acquired from my cute mom. My mother can name the best local florist in each of the cities we’ve lived in, and every special occasion at our home includes beautiful blooms. Her love of greenery inspired me to make the floral décor a key component of my wedding.

I began compiling bouquet concepts long before I could legally marry, and I developed a love for English garden roses and ranunculus the moment I began populating my “Tying the Knot” Pinterest board.

When I finally found my special someone, I knew I needed the best florist in Utah County to bring my décor dreams to life. Audrey O’Brien with Studio Stems was the perfect person. She involved me in every step of the process. I got to select everything from the peach poppies to the accent foliage, and Audrey ensured it all came together effortlessly.

Seven months after our wedding, my husband I continue to reflect on the highlights of that day, and the flowers never fail to come up in those conversations. All our floral dreams came true that day. 

Audrey: The real reward in working in a creative discipline is clients like Emily and their appreciation for your craft. It is so easy and fluid to work with a client who has confidence in your ability and your work and lets you take the lead creatively, it really allows for the artist to create some of their best works. All of our most popular weddings stem from confident clients that were open to letting us do our thing for them. This can be difficult to do for many brides, after all it is your wedding so it is understandable, but when you give the creative reigns over to capable hands its really bound to come out in such a way that will be far more pleasing then when you keep them and hold them tight. 

When we were designing and producing Emily’s flowers we kept in mind important things to her, like the use of the blooms she had long been pinning for, the venue and area in which her wedding was held, and the style and structure of what was appealing to her along with desired tones, color, and contrast. And this was the outcome! 

We created a beautiful bouquet out of a lot of ranunculus, garden roses, veronica, spray roses, stock, ladies mantle, and a vine foliage. The bridesmaids bouquets were similar to the brides bouquet just smaller versions. Bouts were simple ranuc singles and duos and centerpieces were garden style arrangements in classic glass cylinder vases. We especially loved the outcome of the cake floral which was just a very simple and strategically placed garden rose surrounded by a few spray roses and ranucs. The buffet arrangement was a floral focal piece at this wedding and our favorite decor piece, sitting ‘center stage’ in the garden and large enough to make a statement this urn held garden arrangement of hydrangea and the like of other wedding flowers fit the venue, the bride, and the color scheme really well. Thank you Emily & Derek for being the best kind of clients! 



Spring Groomals {Valentine & Avalon}

We’ve got a whole lot of prettiness coming at you today so get ready! We are just smitten with these stunning images by Stephanie Sunderland that are sure to brighten your day as well! They sing spring, warmth and romance! We also are obsessed with the gorgeous floral work by Blooms and Blossoms! The touches of feminine purples are perfection and really made this session beautiful! Valentine and Avalon couldn’t be more stunning together!


UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_1 avbridals-20 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_2 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_3 avbridals-27 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_4 avbridals-34 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_5 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_6 avbridals-43 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_7 avbridals-85 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_8 avbridals-80 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_9 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_10 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_12 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_11 avbridals-90 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_13 avbridals-104 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_14 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_15 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_16 avbridals-107 UtahBrideBlog_Purple_SpringGroomals_17 avbridals-154


Rustic Utah Wedding {JESSICA + JEREMY}

It’s Wedding Wednesday and today we have a beautiful rustic summer wedding captured by the talented Alixann Loosle Photography! We seriously can’t stop swooning over all of the charming and lovely details from this event! It was so hard to narrow down the images because every single one is so gorgeous! We are obsessed with the drapery and chandeliers inside the barn that created the perfect ceremony setting. And the out door lounge area and table settings are perfection! Another one of our favorite details is the elaborate dessert tables filled with sweet macarons, decedent cakes and favor jams. A perfectly rustic elegant summer wedding!
IMG_0052+copy-3138317211-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_1 IMG_0068+copy-3138317582-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_2 UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_3 IMG_0201+copy-3138320865-O IMG_0216+copy-3138321354-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_4 IMG_0239+copy-3138321561-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_5 UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_6 IMG_0405+copy-3138323353-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_7 IMG_0418+copy-3138323726-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_8 IMG_0879+copy-3138334565-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_9 UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_11 UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_10 UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_12 IMG_0455+copy-3138324820-O IMG_0541+copy-3138326383-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_13 IMG_0561+copy-3138326773-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_14 IMG_0920+copy-3138335481-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_15 IMG_0932+copy-3138335845-O IMG_0975+copy-3138336675-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_16 IMG_1220+copy-3138343744-O IMG_1233+copy-3138343987-O IMG_1607+copy-3138359145-O IMG_1382+copy-3138350149-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_17 IMG_1400+copy-3138350878-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_18 IMG_1390+copy-3138350522-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_19 IMG_1557+copy-3138356955-O UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_20 UtahBrideBlog_RusticWedding_21 IMG_1642+copy-3138359935-O


New Northern Utah Venue {Bellington Manor}

We are so excited to share with you all and especially our Northern Utah brides, a new wedding venue that has just opened! The Bellington Manor located in Ogden was clearly built for entertaining distinguished guests, it is  rumored that Leroy Eccles, who previously lived just South of his defining new Estate,  built his larger and more stately house at 1029 25th Street in response to Mr. Bristol’s house which was located at 2480 Van Buren Avenue c in 1912.

With notable features include the stately Italian Staircase and chandeliers imported in 1914, tuscan Columns, exquisite oil paintings purchased and added to the mansion by the new owners, fabric covered walls, detailed hand carved woodwork throughout, and 2nd story balconies that overlook the picturesque Wasatch Front. The Bellington Manor features multiple parlors and an elegant greeting parlor, beautiful bride and groom rooms, indoor dinning and dancing hall, and outdoor garden ceremony and dinning options.

Here is a bit more about the history behind this incredibly beautiful venue:

Photos by Brandon Burk Photography

9910_Bellington-Manor-Brandon-Burk-Photography bellChandel

The Historic Leroy Eccles Home was built for  him and his wife Myrtle, costing more than $100,000, which is equivalent to over 2.5 million dollars by today’s measure. The home was designed by Leslie Hodgson and is in the Italian Renaissance style. The imported Italian wood staircase, a peerless art nouveau window on the landing, elegant stained glass windows, Tuscan columns, and red clay tile roof have survived through the various owners of the mansion. LeRoy Eccles was vice President and general manager of the Amalgamated Sugar Company, and was also involved with the Ogden, Logan & Idaho Railroad. the Eccles home has transitioned through many parts of Ogden’s colorful history, serving time as the Weber Club.


roomMain frontLobby bellServing

In the mid 80′s the mansion renovated for over $1.5 million by the Kier Construction Company, winning a prestigious award for their meticulous work.

In October 2013, the LeRoy Eccles Estate was purchased by Debra Darrington Peterson, who has owned and operated the Chantilly Mansion Reception & Event Center in Layton, Utah since 1995 and will open to the public to be used as an event center specializing Weddings early 2014.

For the past 6 months The Historic Eccles Estate has again been renovated, exposing and enhancing the flawless hardwood floors, expanding and updating the West Ballroom, and enlarging the South gardens for Outdoor Ceremonies and receptions.

roomBride roomGroom roomOne stairCase

In 1893 David Eccles acquired the land from Ogden’s first Mayor, Lorin Farr and employed architect Aleslie S. Hodgson to lay out the plat for a subdivision. The street splits, creating a large elliptical median know as Watermelon Park, a defining feature of the neighborhood, lined with century old Sycamore trees.
The intimate scale of the neighborhood, along with the shared oval lawn and park-like front lawns flow freely together, undivided by fences or walls, establishing the ideal landscape of the Arts & Crafts period in which it was designed.


Red Rock Desert Bridal

Today we are sharing a desert inspired bridal session sent over to us by Keala Jarvis Photography! We love the idea of using the antlers and sunflowers in the shoot! We also love the bride’s dress by J.Crew Bridal!