Fashion Friday: Rent Your Gown?

For as long as we can remember here at UBB the bridal gown has been the first and foremost thought in the beginnings of wedding plans. Bridal magazines are full of gown images and ads and there have always been a variety of fashion choices and price ranges to choose from. Their is a market for all those choices and price ranges also, we all have different styles and budgets. One bridal gown option is renting, and it perfectly suits a specific bride! Today Valerie with Bridal Brilliance Rentals in Clearfield joins us with a look at just who gown rental works for and a look at the designer gowns they have to offer!

fashionfriday1 Gown: Maggie Sottero, Bronwyn Marie . Photography: Ashley Schonfield

Renting a dress is not a new concept in the bridal industry. The word “renting” often conjures thoughts of yellowing gowns, big bows, and puffy sleeves.

Bridal Brilliance Rentals has taken a new spin on this old concept and offers nothing but designer dresses at a fraction of the retail cost. A designer gown ranging from $500-$4000 will cost you $100-$500 to rent. It’s a great way to save some cash without compromising on quality.

There is nothing I love more than when a bride comes in with a picture of her dream dress and we have the exact same one. Dreams instantly go from being crushed to coming true!


{left gown} Maggie Sottero Geneva . Casey James Photography
{right gown} Vera Wang . Alyssia B Photography

Top SIX Reasons to RENT your wedding dress at BBR:

1. Get a designer dress, without the designer price.
2. Return it when you’re done and never worry about that dress taking up space in your closet.
3. Let someone else take care of the details for you! It’s cleaned, steamed, and pressed in-between your bridal pictures and wedding day.
4. Slips, corsets, and veils are also available for your big day.
5. Dresses are altered in house to fit each bride perfectly.
6. With over 300 designer gowns you are bound to find the dress of your dreams in one stop!

 Thanks BBR for a look at what designer gown rentals offer our local brides! Have a great weekend!


Volcano Groomals {Kashae & Aaron}

We are so excited to share with you all Kashae and Aaron’s gorgeous volcano groomals shot by Jimmy Bishop of Gideon Photography!

“Aaron and I are living proof that blind dates really can work! On that first (blind) date we took an adventurous scooter ride through Snow Canyon State Park, so what better place could there be to take our bridal pictures? Our wedding had a very natural, mossy theme, and we were absolutely thrilled when Jimmy found us this unique mossy spot in the desert. The fact that it was in the same location as our first date was a double bonus! We also loved being able to take some pictures with the red rock landscape that we have both grown up hiking and exploring.”

volcano-bridal-photos-6185 volcano-bridal-photos-6181 volcano-bridal-photos-6184 volcano-bridal-photos-6183 volcano-bridal-photos-6182 volcano-bridal-photos-6180 volcano-bridal-photos-6179 volcano-bridal-photos-6178 volcano-bridal-photos-6177 volcano-bridal-photos-6176 volcano-bridal-photos-6175 volcano-bridal-photos-6174 volcano-bridal-photos-6173 volcano-bridal-photos-6172 volcano-bridal-photos-6171 volcano-bridal-photos-6170 volcano-bridal-photos-6169 volcano-bridal-photos-6168 volcano-bridal-photos-6167 volcano-bridal-photos-6166 volcano-bridal-photos-6165 volcano-bridal-photos-6164 volcano-bridal-photos-6163 volcano-bridal-photos-6162 volcano-bridal-photos-6161 volcano-bridal-photos-6160 volcano-bridal-photos-6159 volcano-bridal-photos-6158 volcano-bridal-photos-6157 volcano-bridal-photos-6156 volcano-bridal-photos-6155

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Wedding Wednesday: Amy & Nick

We have a darling little down home barn wedding to show you today from Courtney Beck Photography. We simply adored the simple country like flair that every detail seemed to ensue, from the shotgun shell boutonnieres, to the use of babies breath, and even the capture of the oldest guests smiles to the youngest! Here are some of the bride’s thoughts:

I knew I wanted to go the rustic route, but wanted to incorporate a little elegance with the lace and gold instead of the usual burlap. We found this cute little barn that was absolutely perfect for what I wanted.  Nick thought the idea of the barn was great too, which I loved, because I wanted to make sure he was happy with the wedding just as much as I was.  I didn’t want to have too many decorations because the barn already had its only little rustic flare that I didn’t want to cover up.  One of my favorite things we did was the shotgun shell boutonnieres. The gold looked perfect with his khaki suit. Everything really came together nicely and turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. I’m so grateful for all the help Nick and I had too make our day so special.


Utah Bride Alex

Meet the beautiful Utah Bride Alex who was so beautiful photographed by Stephanie Sunderland. We are just smitten with Alex’s stunning sequin dress and these gorgeous shots amongst the trees and wildflowers!

UtahBrideAlex_1 UtahBrideAlex_2 UtahBrideAlex_3 UtahBrideAlex_4 Alex-58 UtahBrideAlex_5 Alex-32 UtahBrideAlex_6 UtahBrideAlex_7 Alex-35 UtahBrideAlex_8 Alex-44 UtahBrideAlex_9 Alex-23 UtahBrideAlex_10 UtahBrideAlex_11 Alex-15 UtahBrideAlex_12 UtahBrideAlex_13 UtahBrideAlex_14 UtahBrideAlex_15 Alex-94


Bike Engagements {Bryce & Shelby}

One of our favorite things at UBB is hearing all the great stories from our couples about how they met, how they fell in love, or how he proposed. We loved hearing Bryce and Shelby’s story. Bryce proposed by using a scavenger hunt lead her to the adorable bike used in their engagement session, after which he led her to a big football stadium and reenacted the scene from 10 Things I Hate About You. He sang Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You while they danced around and then proposed. Isn’t that the cutest story to start off your monday? Sami Jo Photography did an incredible job capturing these two!


Flower Tip Friday: Financial Anatomy

The weekend is finally here! It is a big wedding weekend in Utah so some of you are off to get hitched while some of you are just beginning or are in the throws of the wedding planning process! Today we thought we would reach back into our archives to a flower tip Friday from 2010. We asked Studio Stems {the original composer} to come back and re-vamp a little this well written and informative post for our current readers, it was a heavily read article that was re-shared on other blogs and continues to receive traffic today! So we know you are bound to learn a think or two from these wise words!

Brides come into my office all across the board, some well planned and educated and some not, some know what they want and some don’t, high budget, low budget, and the list of variables goes on. Truth is I enjoy the little characteristics that come with each type of bride.  What seems to be universal, is that most brides come in wanting the ideal, wanting some level of extravagance! And they come hoping they can get it! Some are more realistic about how achievable this is than others, but for those who are unrealistic … its not your fault, you just don’t know all the “ins-n-outs” of flowers, it really boils down to a simple education and understanding, which is why you should take the time to sit down with your florist and be taught so that your floral wedding dreams can be as close to realized as possible. 

Many clients have no idea what wedding floral costs or the labor it entails. They think something like $1000 dollars seems like a HUGE budget that may result in HUGE arrangements and gorgeous bouquets. Not knowing how quickly things add up, how labor intensive floral decor can be, and just how high that stem count can get!

Before we dive too deep, lets start with one of the most common questions we florists get, who pays? Generally the groom pays for the personal floral needs and the bride pays for floral decor, but this throws back to tradition from a few decades ago, modern times bring a less consistent thread of financial division. While your florist can advise you on this aspect it really should be decided between the two families involved. The more important question … what will this cost the pocket book of the responsible party? Well lets take a look.

Often times bride’s come in with pictures like these:

UBB{colincowieweddings.com & Sarah Kate Photography/Branching Out Events}

And some of them can indeed afford it, but usually they can not, not all of us are Kardashians. Coming from the most sought after floral designer in the world or someone local with talent these puppies are gonna cost you a pretty penny! A centerpiece like that likely will run you on a low end $250 and on up from there! Multiply that by 10 and you can see how easy it is to push a floral invoice into the ceiling. Speaking of ceilings, want a gorgeous floral chandelier? Dont we all! This floral detail is extremely labor intensive and you should expect to pay several thousand dollars for one like you see above. So really you just need to ask yourself what is realistic for you individually, you may be able to afford extravagant designs, or perhaps you cannot afford anything near that, and you may fall somewhere in-between. The important idea is to be realistic, think about what you can afford and do enough research to have an accurate perceived value of what your money can buy you!

A good florist will ensure your reality is still beautiful, perhaps something more along these lines: 


{The Reason Photography/No Regrets Events & Kate Osborne Photography/Honey of a Thousand Flowers}

Still beautiful and lush designs that create similar effects but perhaps within a more reasonable budget accommodating the more typical bride. A beautiful urn based centerpiece still sets the stage for a beautiful table! Want some height? Get a taller vessel! Something like this cuts the centerpiece budget from above in half, and possibly then some! A foliage chandelier like this one from one of our favorite local designers, Sarah Winward, will bring you out of the thousands mentioned above but still hang something lovely above head. 

Or go ahead and shoot for that extravagant ideal, but be prepared to pay extravagant prices! Our advice simply is, know what your budget will buy you. Know what your needs are and what to expect in size and quality, structure, and design. This will result in realistic expectations, that in turn will result in a fantastic wedding day. And even if you don’t know …. well that’s OK your florist will teach you!

You better go book that consult now! We have so many lovely florists here in Utah, five of them are accessible here on UBB in our preferred vendors list! Or go visit Studio Stems at their darling studio in Lehi!


Jordan + Andrew {In Love}

Jordan and Andrew are absolutely stunning and we can’t resist their sweet pup, Brady! We have been noticing and increasing trend of couples including their dogs in their engagement session. We love the idea of getting a couple shots with your furry friend… they sure make for a cute prop! Megan Robinson did a lovely job capturing this couple in the beautiful hills of Midway! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us Megan!


Wedding Wednesday: Audrey & Nathan

We have a beautiful local wedding to share with you today, it’s especially fantastic because our own Audrey is married to a Nathan ….. so we are partial. No but really this one is darling and full of fun details and charming romance all at one of our favorite venues, the Salt Lake Hardware Building. Thanks to Green Apple Photography for sharing with us! Audrey {the bride} wrote to us to share her thoughts on the big day! I have always loved weddings! I kind of knew from the beginning what colors I loved and imagined for my wedding and based a lot off of our color scheme of gold, cream, and some light pinks and peaches. A lot of the decor was influenced by my love for antique pieces (pink depression glass!), chandeliers, and anything gold! Apart from that, I am in love with flowers, and knew I wanted a LOT of flowers incorporated into the wedding. Calie Rose did a remarkable job! I could hardly believe how pretty every floral piece was! My bouquet was a dream come true! It was really important to Nate and me that we get married with our friends and family. We chose Utah- the state we attended college and a good central location for our family and friends. I had seen the Salt Lake Hardware Building on Pinterest actually, and fell in love with the exposed brick and wooden beams. It is definitely Nate’s and my style. Because Nate and I live in Virginia, we wanted to be able to visit a lot with everybody that came to the wedding, both near and far! We used Refined Vintage Events for all of the vintage furniture at our reception to create a large seating area. The colors of the furniture matched our color palette perfectly and it was the most beautiful, dreamy lounge area you ever saw! My favorite moment, apart from marrying my best friend, was walking into the Hardware Building and seeing the final product of all the months of planning and coordinating. I could not have dreamed up a more beautiful wedding. It was everything I hoped for and I loved every detail. Lindsey Stewart of Green Apple Photography captured those details perfectly. How I cherish our wedding photos! I distinctly remember while sitting down at the dinner, looking around and just trying to take in how beautiful it all was, and just smiling while I looked out at the dining area at all of our friends and family. It was a perfect day. The preparation for the wedding was fun! My mom and I went to every antique story in Utah looking for pretty glass pieces so we could make our own cake plates and other decorations. Each of my three sisters made decorations for the reception as well that I will cherish forever.


Featured Utah Wedding {Chelsea & Nick}

We love a simple wedding. One that has a lot of character and really represents the couple! Today we are sharing this lovely little wedding captured by Callie Hobbs Photography! We love the way the simple natural greens and yellows came together so beautifully! The groom is an engineer and creator at heart. He invented a cake cutting machine that cut the cake for them and also remote controlled couches that moved around anywhere and everywhere! From train rides to dancing to delicious food this sure looks like it was one fun celebration!
2014-08-04_0003 2014-08-04_0004 2014-08-04_0007.1 2014-08-04_0008 2014-08-04_0009 2014-08-04_0010 2014-08-04_0012 2014-08-04_0014 2014-08-04_0015 2014-08-04_0016 2014-08-04_0017 2014-08-04_0018 2014-08-04_0019 2014-08-04_0020 2014-08-04_0021 2014-08-04_0022 2014-08-04_0023 2014-08-04_0032 2014-08-04_0033 2014-08-04_0034 2014-08-04_0035 2014-08-04_0036


Summer Engagements {Zeke & Asia}

Sometimes all an engagement session needs is a beautiful couple. We love how Lindsey Orton captured these two in their element. Lindsey has a talent for finding beautiful places to take photos in. We love the warm summer sun in these photos!engagements0001 engagements0002 engagements0003 engagements0004 engagements0005 engagements0006 engagements0007engagements0009 engagements0010 engagements0011