Park City Wedding: Jo + Ben

Today our wedding feature comes from the talented hands + lenses of Haley Nord Photography and takes place in Park City at PCMR. We hear a lot of relationship stories here at the office and we enjoy reading every single one. Jo sent us the darn cutest tid bits about her + Ben! Thanks for sharing with us Jo and congrats you two!

So Ben and I actually met at work!  We worked in the same building, but for different agencies and at first I thought he was a bit of a dork.  I avoided talking to him and his coworker as much as possible, until one day when he was around when I voiced needing help with a flyer.  He recommended I put a dragon on it, and I gave him the perfect opening when I asked, “How am I supposed to draw a dragon?!”  He launched into how to draw Trogdor from Homestar Runner (if you don’t know it, I recommend you look it up; hilarious). This opened the door for me to say yes to hikes with him (where he carried me across any body of water, no matter how small), working out together (then going to Apollo Burgers after), and sushi (which because our official first date when he paid for my dinner). 

He proposed the day I wanted him to, the second year anniversary of our first date.  So I knew something would happen that day, but didn’t know when or how.  Every year on our first date anniversary we go to sushi (which was our first date), and we had plans for him to pick me up from work and go to Tsunami for lunch. He called me when he was on his way and told me Toby, our cat, was acting really weird.  This man is devious, because that cat is my baby, so I “made” him take me home first to check on Toby.  We got there and the cat was hiding under the bed, so we ended up exchanging anniversary gifts before going to lunch.  I had gotten Ben a Breaking Bad apron, and Ben got me a book.  It was a little weird, because it was a high school literature book, but I was just so happy and excited to be with him that I just thought “whatever.” 

Ben kept looking at me expectantly, and I was like “want to go to sushi?”  He somehow got me to open up the book, which he had hollowed out and tied my engagement ring in.  I looked up as he got on one knee (and my cat with impeccable timing came out at this point) and proposed.  Then his sister popped out from our office!  He’d had her set up in the other room to take pictures remotely. It was absolutely perfect, and we have ridiculous photos of him proposing 

We got married up at Park City Mountainside Resort, and I’ll give you the reason why in two words “Alpine slide.” It was a gorgeous outdoor venue for the ceremony, and our guests (and ourselves) got to take the Alpine slide back down to the reception.



  1. Kor says:

    I actually like the fact that they rode luges wearing their wedding outfits. Since we don’t have those where I’m from, I think it would be a good idea to wear my dress when I’m zip-lining down a mountain or something of the sort.

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